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BOTW Randomizer by Waikuteru (Switch) - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch).

... it will change the game you knew!


The BOTW Randomizer was developed by Waikuteru over the year 2021 which resulted in hundreds of hours of work. It's available for both Wii U and Switch versions and works on vanilla consoles. Multiple languages such as English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish are currently supported (all other languages will use the English version).

As it happens to be a feature of Randomizers, this Randomizer will randomize items you will find in chests and be given by NPCs. Randomized enemy drops are included too. Additionally, warping via both the Sheikah Slate as well as going inside and outside of shrines has the chance of getting randomized too

But... this was only the basic part. I aimed to expand the definition of a “Randomizer” for this legendary game... So I built a new system which I named “The Randomizer Cycle”. This cycle will trigger randomly and picks one of many, many options that will change your game on the fly.

Questions or suggestions?
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Mod is ToS-conform. No amiibo items will be granted.


A Cemu and an exefs Switch patch is integrated in the download. This allows to leave the Great Plateau without the Paraglider which is needed since you can get warped randomly and land out of the Plateau.

WII U USERS: Use SDCafiine and put both the aoc and content folder into the correct directory on your SD card.

CEMU USERS - GRAPHICPACK: Extract the mod root folder and move it to where your Cemu.exe is located inside the graphicPack folder. 

You will then be able to tick and enable it in the graphicPack menu in Cemu (BotW/Mods/BOTW Randomizer by Waikuteru). Disable other non-graphical or performance-improving mods.

CEMU USERS - BCML: Open BCML and install the mod folder by selecting the rules.txt.

If you install via BCML, BCML will get rid of the patch_patches.asm file in the process of installing. You will have to manually drag and drop this file next to the rules.txt file into the BCML-generated graphicPack. This graphicPack is found where your Cemu.exe is located inside the graphicPack folder and is called "BreathOfTheWild_BCML".

SWITCH USERS: Use atmosphere and put both the 01007EF00011E000 and 01007EF00011F001 folder into the correct directory on your SD card.

This mod is intended to be played with:

Wii U version: Update 1.5.0, DLC 3.0
Switch version: Update 1.6.0, DLC 3.0

The Randomizer Cycle - [List of possible options in categories]:

Randomizer - Spawn:
This will make enemies spawn everywhere across Hyrule - these enemies have randomized weapons too. The chosen option can be reverted.

Randomizer - Prohibition:
Will set prohibitions such as saving, warping, using shrines, eating, drinking, killing time, etc. The chosen option can be reverted.

Randomizer - Time:
The time will change on the fly which results in changing of weather, lighting and enemy behaviour (e.g. sleeping) and schedules of NPCs.

Randomizer - Environment:
Will change the environment such as setting everything on fire (e.g. Volcano Eldin), making it cold (e.g. Hebra Mountains) or hot (Gerudo Desert). Setting a specific so-called "palette" can occur too such as the Lost Woods fog (incl. music), complete darkness, sandstorm, etc.

Randomizer - Take Equipment:
One of the player's equipment will be taken out of his pouch which can result in dangerous situations and increases the excitement.

Randomizer - Money:
A random amount of rupees will be either lost or credited to the player.

Randomizer - Damage and Heal:
Can either damage or heal the player.

Randomizer - Get Item:
The player will receive an item. This can include everything such as Small Swords, Large Swords, Spears, Shields, Bows, Armor parts, Fruits, Meat, Insects, Plants, etc.

Randomizer - Warp:
Will warp the player to different spawn points. This can include warping the player to a different world too. E.g. from normal overworld to divine beast.

Randomizer - BGM:
Can activate several BGM on the overworld. 

The longer the Randomizer Cycle does not trigger / choose an option, the higher the chance gets which results in a 100% chance eventually. The Cycle will never stop so there are basically unlimited permutations and combinations, additionally to the randomly placed enemies which I cannot calculate.