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Tiny Additions - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC).

Making the game better one addition at a time

A Reloaded-II mod that adds a collection of small QOL features to Persona 4 Golden PC. Each addition can be toggled on or off in the mod's configuration in Reloaded. By default, everything is disabled except custom items which cannot be disabled.

1. Additions

1.1. Sprint

Allows the player to "sprint", increasing their movement speed by a set amount. The amount that the speed is increased by and the sprint button can be changed in the mod's config. There is also an optional setting that makes sprint only available whilst exploring dungeons. The default sprint button is the back button (circle/b/c).

1.2. Auto Advance Text Toggle

Allows the player to toggle the auto advance text setting during events similarly to P5R. This comes into effect from the next text box that is displayed. By default this is done by pressing down on the dpad (or s/down arrow on keyboard) during an event. This can be changed in the mod's config.

1.3. Easy Bug Catching

Makes it so the player always gets a perfect catch when catching bugs at the shrine regardless of how you time it.

1.4. Automatic Arcana Bonus On NG+

Makes it so the player always gets the social link Arcana bonuses if they have a's max rank item. If you want to see a message indicating this in game it is recommended that you also install the companion Aemulus mod available in the downloads (although the companion mod only gives a visual change, the actual giving of the bonus is done by tinyadditions).

1.5. Visible Rankup Ready

Displays a symbol next to a social link's rank in the S.Link menu indicating that they're ready to rank up if they are. This applies to every except those that automatically level up during story events and Margaret. The Fox is unique as it will show as ready to rank up once you've completed the current request for it. I didn't give Margaret any custom logic as checking for a specific Persona with skills is more complicated. This addition does not apply to the social link details as of now. 

The symbol that is displayed can be chosen between 4 that I thought fit well and the x position of the symbol can also be adjusted. This is done in the mod's configuration and edits take effect in real-time (once you press save) so you can easily find a position and symbol that you like. 

1.6. Persistent BGM

Makes it so dungeon BGM continues playing when you enter a battle (excluding boss battles). Which dungeons this effects can be configured and you can even set it so there's a random chance to get either persistent BGM or the normal battle BGM on a per dungeon basis. By default persistent BGM is set to off for every dungeon so you'll need to enable it for the ones you want it in.

1.7. Custom Items Framework

Adds the ability for items to call flowscript functions when used in the items menu the same way that goho-m does. Unlike all other additions this one cannot be toggled as it doesn't directly add anything, it just gives Aemulus mods more power. If you are a mod creator interested in using this there is information on how to on the Github page.

1.8. Future Additions

I plan on continuing to add to this mod in the future. You can see some of the ideas I have on the Github page. Also, if you have any ideas for small QoL additions that would require a Reloaded mod or want to contribute to this mod in any way feel free to do so at the Github repo.

2. Installation

This is a Reloaded-II mod and as such must be installed with Reloaded, if you already understand Reloaded mods this is no different, otherwise below is a guide on installing it.

2.1. Download In Reloaded (Recommended)

Open Reloaded-II and click the "Download Mods" button at the top left corner. From there search for tiny additions, select it and click download. If it successfully downloads go to Configuring Additions, otherwise try a manual install.

2.2. Manual Installation

If for whatever reason you cannot install the mod from within Reloaded you can instead download the attached zip and extract it into the Mods folder in your installation of Reloaded-II. Then when you open Reloaded it should show up under P4G's mods.

2.3. Configuring Additions

In Reloaded go to the P4G section (click on the picture of Yu) and from there enable Tiny Additions if you haven't already (it should have a red plus next to it). Once enabled select it and click the "Configure Mod" button, a window will pop up where you can configure the mod to your liking (clicking on any option will display a description of it at the bottom of the window). Once done configuring be sure to click save before closing the window.
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    After finally getting my shit sorted i was doing the final touches and noticed reloaded kept giving me these errors and after forever i found out it was this (worked earlier) and now that i see there was a new update i think it hard borked something 
    idk its weird, im going to bed since i found the problem hope this helps in some way
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    Here comes daredevil
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    Is there a way to make this compatible with the Persona 5 Battle Controls mod in Reloaded II? They both won't work together.
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    this is amazing, i'm in fucking love and you still have more features planned, holy shit
    Princess of dissapointment
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    Great Qol mod, also merry christmas !
    Sorry, but I don't lose.
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    Merry Christmas Swine!

    That arcana bonus tweak in particular is such a great, subtle change. Perfect reward for NG+ without being overpowered.
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