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Pokemon Sigma Platinum V 1.1.1 - A Mod for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

A Platinum-Like Mod for BDSP.

This is a mod for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl VER 1.1.3 that allows for the game to be more Platinum-like in nature, within our current modding capabilities. It includes Platinum Encounter Tables, Trainer Teams, completely revamped visuals and much more. 

For more details that we couldn't possibly fit in this body of text, please check out the full changelog in the download, or join my Discord server, where you can report feedback and make suggestions about the mod.


Lewtwo - Planning, Design, Implementation, Trainers, Wilds, Script, Textures, Opening Edits
Gunsparce98 - Title Screen, UI Design, Textures
4py, Gooey - Planning, Design, Implementation, Evolution Edits, Shop Edits, Testing
Zero-Chan - Custom Scripting
onion_mu, Pokestir - Music
RaptorBricksArt - Opening
Kojiyomi - Logo
Bugeater - Trainers
Paigeccino - Environment Art
zef - Design, Playtesting
Smackteo, Aldo, DenEbony - Repacking
GaiaRevane, TTIN, z80Rotom - Pre-Natdex Rotom, Eevee, Togepi
Team Luminescent Platinum - Technical Support
MelonSpeedruns, Yisuno - 60FPS Mod
Edgarska, Yisuno - Faster Following Pokemon, Pokemon Scaling, Camera FOV, Faster Battles
minus, Garo, Aaisu, Biggestleaf, Yisuno, dupree - Playtesting


- The Player is now given the option to choose between the DP and Platinum outfits at the start of the game. Both will be in the Metronome Style Shop when Veilstone City is reached.


- Fixed a bug where new UI options weren't present.
- All bugs related to the Platinum outfit have been fixed, including playable Contests.


- The game has been updated to work with Pokemon BDSP Version 1.1.3.
- Pokemon that previously had broken Following animations in the vanilla game have been fixed.
- Jubilife City sports some updated visuals.
- Following Pokemon speed has been further increased.
- Pokemon now operate at True Scale both in and outside of battle.
- Area Names now sport a new graphic, like in Platinum.
- The majority of Trainer Classes now use unique Poke Balls, like in Sun & Moon onwards.
- The Veilstone Department Store now sells Evolutionary Stones & Trade-Items.
- Trade Items are now used to evolve Pokemon, and are not held whilst-trading.
- Regular Trade Pokemon such as Kadabra or Machoke now all evolve at Level 40.
- Both the Battle Tower and Metronome Style Shop have significantly cheaper items.
- The Battle Zone now features trainers with fully-evolved parties, which continue to be based on their Platinum teams.
- Cyclists have had their teams updated with Pokemon befitting of their trainer class, similar to Hoenn's Triathletes. They use Pokemon from the updated Regional Dex.
- The UI now has a lighter test, thanks to a discovery by @SourApple.
- A certain superboss trainer (Morimoto) has been updated. Give them a battle!


- Fixed a bug where an NPC in Jubilife City had a grammatical error in his dialogue.
- Fixed a bug where Fisher Walter had the incorrect team.
- Fixed a bug where Hiker Justin's Pokemon had the incorrect moves.
- Fixed a bug where Cyrus at Spear Pillar had the incorrect team.
- Fixed a bug where the opening credits contained a slight error, and updated them.
- In Vanilla BDSP, Rayquaza had a higher Catch Rate, due to it being copied from the Delta Episode of Pokemon ORAS. This has since been fixed by us.


- All of Pokemon Platinum's Regional Pokedex has been ported over, with some minor previously version-exclusive additions.
  - Route 206, 214 & Eterna Forest - Misdreavus, Murkrow, Stunky, Glameow

- Some new Pokemon were also given Wild Encounter locations for ease of use.
  - Gible's Wayward Cave - Cranidos, Shieldon
  - The Trophy Garden - Eevee, Porygon

- All Pokemon Trainers now have teams that are similar to their Platinum ones, with updated Gen 8/BDSP Movesets. It is not a 1:1 comparison, especially due to some strange teambuilding choices on Platinum’s end.
- Moves execute a whole 60 frames (one-second) faster than in BDSP.
- Following Pokemon are now significantly faster and keep up with the player.
- Eevee can now be obtained pre-National Dex from Bebe.
- Pokemon Breeders now have some (fairly weak) Egg Moves on their Pokemon to better suit their Trainer class.
- Ace Trainers will very occasionally use TMs or Move Tutor moves as part of their moveset.
- Wayward Cave has had its Strength boulders removed, allowing the player to get Gible early from the secret entrance, much like in Platinum.
- The Resort Area allows you to fish up Lv. 1-100 Magikarp just like in Platinum.

- Since the Special Pokemon in the Grand Underground are now found above-ground as per Platinum’s encounter tables, they have been replaced with the dual-slot Pokemon that were found post-National Dex in the original.

- A new Intro and Title Screen similar to that of Platinum's has replaced the vanilla BDSP assets.
- The protagonists now wear their Platinum outfits from the beginning of the game. 
- The entire game now runs at 60 FPS.
- The Battle Zone & Stark Mountain have recieved significant visual updates to match Platinum's aesthetic. The trees and Wild Grass have had updated textures to better suit the environment around the volcano. They were inspired by Hoenn’s Route 113 from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.
- Heatran's Room has recieved a distinct set of visuals, which was not the case in DP or Pt.
- The game's UI has had a Platinum-style redesign.
- Plenty of visual Easter Eggs are out there for you to discover! 
- Following Pokemon will now come with you into buildings and other areas that they couldn't in the vanilla game.
- Charon has been edited back into the Galactic box wallpaper from Pokemon Platinum.
- The news report about the Red Gyarados has been changed to Platinum's interview with Prof. Rowan, featuring new art and music.
- Added overworld weather to areas like Twinleaf Town (Snowfall) and Route 228 (Volcanic Ash)
- Jubilife City has had new textures to match the colors of Platinum.
- Mt. Coronet has a darker color scheme, as in Platinum.
- The Galactic Eterna Building has had a visual redesign, with the top floor in particular having textures similar to the Platinum room.
- Hearthome City’s Contest Hall and roads have been changed to suit the city's Platinum appearances.
- Cycling Road has received it’s red trim from Platinum, as we are unable to make significant model edits to the Route at this point in time.
- The Lost Tower has seen a darkened appearance change (as well as in-battle) like in Pokemon Platinum.
- Eterna Forest appears far darker than in the vanilla game to match its appearance from Platinum.
- Sunyshore City has had a visual overhaul, similar to how it appeared in Platinum.
- Eterna City now has new pathway textures to match Platinum’s aesthetic.
- A house on Route 210 containing the Draco Meteor Move Tutor has a green-colored roof as was the case in Pt.
- Veilstone City has had slight changes to it’s textures to match Platinum, but is generally the same due to BDSP being based off the Pt. tiles to begin with.
- The Galactic Veilstone HQ has had a visual redesign, similar to Pt.


- Barry no longer references the Red Gyarados as a result of the change in news report.
- Professor Rowan mentions a particular blue-haired gentleman at Lake Verity, which implies that in this reality, you barely missed Cyrus’ encounter at the lake from Pokemon Platinum.
- Added a "Do you want to use another Repel", which was previously in BDSP V.1.0.0.
- Despite the story events being the same as vanilla BDSP, Cyrus' character has been brought closer to the one seen in Platinum and Ultra Sun & Moon.
- Various references and Easter Eggs to future regions, Pokemon and characters in NPC dialogue have been added, as would be the case with a more traditional remake. Try talking to lots of characters!


- The Battle Frontier/Looker/Charon/Distortion World/Platinum Gym Layouts/Regional Forms/New Pokemon cannot yet be added to the game.
- Areas around the Valor Lakefront and Route 201/202/Twinleaf Town cannot have new textures, as it would replace all of the grass tiles in the whole location.
- The Lost Tower had Fog present in Platinum, but this is not the case in Sigma Platinum. Due to both the DP pacing as well as the dislike for Fog.
- Having Platinum’s Elite 4/Champion Rooms require model edits to progress any further with changing them.
- Veilstone City already has Platinum’s basic floor texture, but requires new map models to be used for further edits.
- Sigma Platinum lacks Barry’s Platinum design, due to the complexity of model edits so far.
- Mud with blue-r hues found in Platinum on Route 212 and the Great Marsh can’t yet be edited, since it doesn’t use a Texture2D file.
- The Poketch cannot currently be edited, and therefore a back button is still unfortunately missing. 
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