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Compendium Restoration Pack - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC).

Every cut P3-era Persona, restored!

1. Features

This mod restores all 21 of the Persona 3 (FES and Portable) Personas that were cut from Persona 4 Golden.

  • No existing Personas have been replaced, only additions have been made.

  • Every new Persona contributes to the Compendium completion percentage and has its own slot when registered.

  • Every new Persona is available in Shuffle Time (besides the special fusions, of course).

  • Every new Persona follows the standard fusion chart, behaving just like those already in the game.

  • Movesets, stats and fusions have been restored faithfully; pulling directly from their appearances in P3P and P5R, and with painstaking effort to ensure everything is balanced appropriately for P4G.

  • New HD textures have been applied to every model.

  • Manually colour-restored and upscaled art is featured for portraits, fusion cards and Shuffle Time cards.

  • Model scaling and positioning data has been ported directly from P3P, making how they appear in battle 100% accurate to their games.

You can find a full list of the Personas added, their movesets, fusions, stats and more in this spreadsheet.

If you've previously used the old version of this mod, the Personas & Skills Expansion Pack, check out the FAQ section below for an explanation of the differences between that mod and this one.

2. Compatibility

Yes, this mod is compatible with CEP v6.0 and newer.

Yes (according to SCArkadia). Just make sure this mod is placed above theirs in Aemulus before building.

3. Installation

  • Please read the full instructions by clicking the "File Info" button at the bottom of the page (mirror).

  • Make sure all of your modding apps are up-to-date before use. Aemulus Package Manager and Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader need to be at least v5.4.0 and v1.4.0, respectively.

  • Pirated copies of the game are not supported. This is not a moral stance. The mod literally won't work properly with them and I can't do anything about that, so please don't report any issues if using my work in this configuration.

4. FAQ

This is a remake of that mod. It's been refactored, stripped-down to add only the P3 Personas and made much more modular with better compatibility.

Unlike P&SEP, there are no new custom skills, signature skills, boss changes or moveset changes of any kind in this mod. Those are now optional extras.

For a long time I'd wanted to completely overhaul P&SEP to give players more flexibility. I appreciate that some people only wanted to use specific parts (e.g. the extra Personas) and not others (e.g. the broad skill changes). With this remade version, you can pick and choose the parts you like.

You can think of the download on this page as the base package. If you want some or all of the extra features that were bundled into P&SEP, you can download them separately as "Add-ons" that I've linked below.

For now P&SEP is still available if you prefer it, but I'll likely deprecate that mod in time and direct people here.

  • "Can I use this mod on an existing save?"

  • "Does this mod affect the game's difficulty?  I'd like to use this mod for a first playthrough."
No, using this mod shouldn't make the game any easier or more difficult. For that reason I think it's fine to use for a first play-through. 

  • "Will this mod break Steam achievements?"
No, but it will adjust the parameters for "Thorough Bookkeeper".
To trigger this achievement, you'll need to register every Persona in the compendium - including the 21 new Personas added by this mod.

  • "Why aren't my fusion results matching what I'm seeing in online fusion calculators?"
This is expected behaviour. I recommend using this fusion calculator by BulbyVR.

No. Since the models in my mod have a lower polycount (comparable to those already in P4G), you shouldn't experience any crashing.

Yes. Just make sure you delete that old mod first. The only change you will likely notice is that the custom skills in your party have been replaced with debug skills. To be safe, I recommend using Skill Cards to overwrite those.

5. Add-ons

Optional add-ons for this mod can be found below. Please note, some of these may affect game balance/difficulty, so tread carefully if you're new to P4G:

  • Hi, I'm not sure whether the comments are the right place for this, but I have an issue where, when fusing one of the personas added by this mod (except for Orpheus for some reason) the game fades to black and becomes unresponsive after confirming the fusion.

    I have tried; verifying the game files, building a layout containing only CRP and changing the display settings.

    Just in-case this has something to do with it, I installed CRP using the one-click-install in Aemulus.

    I hope you can help me with this.
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    if i were to use this alongside Ultimate Persona Compendium Registration and the P5 model backports (and its model replacement add-ons), how would i set it up for priortiy/load order?

    For me, i have it set up as
    Ultimate Persona Compendium Registration
    P5 Model backport - replacement
    P5 Model Backport
    and finally, this mod
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  • I've installed the mod following all the instructions and noticed no personas appear in the compendium nor are available for fusion, I've tried building the mod alone, at the top and verified game files, I still don't have any added persona

    I use this with Signature skills+, the Personas and skills expansion pack has the same issues as well

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    I'm not sure if this is the best place for this, but whenever I fuse them, it'll come up with something along the lines of "hurr durr this is a dummy message" and the personas models aren't quite centered or they are zoomed way out. Their descriptions are either "Blank" or "RESERVE Myth", I installed everything along the lines of the guide provided, and everything is up to date. The personas are there but it would appear that my game isn't loading everything in properly. I verified the game files, uninstalled, re-installed, placed it near the top but under the Signature Skills+ mods, unchecked everything but this mod, launched through Reloaded-II and Aemulus and yet the same result occurs.
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  •   Thank you for remaking this mod. The Persona 3 demons feel as if they belonged in this game to begin with, including the protagonist's Personas. 

      However, I have an issue whenever I use status skills such as Debilitate or even the Megido spells with some Personas, namely Messiah and Thanatos. The camera zooms far too in whenever they use these skills, which obscures their faces (and even Messiah's top half) due to their models' height. Is there a way to edit the camera angles so that their faces can at least be in the shot when using these skills?
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    Would you consider adding the female version of Orpheus to the pack?
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