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Triple Trouble Psych Engine Port - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'

Original from: VS. Sonic.Exe

---> Original Mod <---

Download "Psych Engine with Extra Keys" here

Sonic.Exe description
Join Bf and Gf as they rap for their life against a creepypasta legend!
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    there's nothing in here
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    How did you achieve the rings counter, does the ghost notes actually do something, and how did you make it so the knuckles part changed sides for the notes?
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    The_bibbleyeet Joined 5mo ago
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    just one problem, can you fix the charting for hard mode?
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    why'd you say download extrak psych and put the entire game in the file aswell
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  • Can I Use This To Make A Cover?

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    My question is... why did the game crash when you get a game over on this song? Did you forget to add something into the files?
    Always basic but fun
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    AnonimZim Joined 7mo ago
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    With all the "Sky" drama I made a cover + re-skin with the character and a few more, added lore and all as a way to show the Sky team the huge potential Sky has a simplistic character.

    For that, I have been using you port. I haven´t uploaded anything yet, but I promise I will credit you for this high effort port.

    Also, I took the freedom to fix some notes that were off and change the eggman static for normal ones, but everything will be on a future download link on my yt channel.

    Thanks for the port! Excellent work for no hardcoding, my respects.
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    I'm not sure why but the script used to change characters stops working as well as the command to change the location of the arrows after the second time Xenophane appears which means Eggman straight up needs to be manually edited into the song via event files. 

    I was hoping this problem is only just me since I haven't done anything but change the chart. 

    Video Of The Problem:
    Casual Furry
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  • Where is the .json in for the files? what does it replace?
    Please reply asap i really need it

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  • Source code pls i need it
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