Ishtar with Big Boobs - A Mod for Shin Megami Tensei V.

No, I don't mean those horns

At the request of BigSkeleton in Ko-Fi the next I performed to Ishtar, now with a front difficult to bear with those clothes, surely you wonder why I was not more generous with the back part and the truth I had to fight a lot with his idle animation and the clipping, to be a character that appears in a cinematic is very neglected, in the 4th photo you can see that the hand is badly animated, maybe later it will make an update.

If you do not want the carelessness of the nipple outside install only the 1st mod, the second "NipOut" is only the texture, you can use only the texture if you want the vanilla body with the nip.

I do not have a save on the cinematic part, I could not test the mod in that part, if you see something strange let me know.

If you like my mods, consider leaving me a donation, I live in a third world country and any donation helps a lot:
You can open a commission from ko-fi if you want me to give priority to a character or make any modification, on the page is the detail of what can be requested
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