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P4 Arena Ultimax Battle Portraits - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 2.1.1 - Maintenance Update 7mo
  • Adjustment Restructured for the latest versions of Aemulus Package Manager.
  • Addition Added metadata / auto-update support.
  • Adjustment Updated installation instructions.
Version 2.1 - Clean-up + PS Vita version! 11mo Improvement Addition Adjustment Version 2.0.1 - Aemulus Support 1y Improvement Version 2.0 - Glasses! 1y Addition Improvement Version 1.1 (BugFix) 1y BugFix
This is a set of battle portraits inspired by "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax".
They've been heavily tweaked to better fit P4G and (as of v2.0) even feature manually drawn glasses thanks to the great work of @FluffnFlight.

I've been careful to ensure this mod behaves exactly as it should with status effect colouring, transparency etc. all working perfectly. 

If my work has made your P4G experience more enjoyable, please consider showing your appreciation at my Ko-fi page.
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    Alfrodo Joined 1y ago
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    Great mod! Tho Kanji's portrait shows him wearing a second-year uniform. It makes sense since it's a P4AU portrait and all but feels weird. I like the mod anyways, just pointing it out.
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  • KhaLilWayne avatar
    KhaLilWayne Joined 8mo ago
    is it supposed to work from the outset, or only after a certain point in the game? Cause I'm at the point where Narukami awakens Izanagi and beats the two Shadows and he still has his old portrait
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    Takanobu Joined 1y ago
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    This looks great! Thank you for this!
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  • Hello there, can you help me? I wanna merge this mod with some others that have the same bin file, could you tell me what you edited in the file?
    Thanks in advance! <3
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  • So I've tried using the mod, and it isn't working. I've extracted the data00004 folder and all its files, but nothing has happened in my game.
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    Nickle username pic Joined 6y ago
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    This actually looks pretty clean, nice work on this.
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  • LuTheFrog avatar
    LuTheFrog Joined 1y ago
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    This is great! Thanks a lot for making this!
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