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Channel (Wargus Edition) - A Mod for Wargus

1. Plot of the map

This is a custom map which takes place during the second act of the Tides of Darkness orc campaign.

In this map your objective is to defeat the forces of the Nation of Stromgarde with a small group of the Black Tooth Grin Clan lead by Maim Blackhand, which is also a custom hero unit in this map.

1.1. Characteristics of the map

  • As I have already written early, in this map there is a custom hero unit, which one of the objective of the map is to not lose this particular unit. This hero unit has a passive ability to slowly regenerate health when is injured.
  • The main objective changes based on the difficulty you choose in the Skirmish Modern menu. The easiest difficulty requires only to destroy a specific enemy building while the hardest requires to beat every single unit and destroy every structure of the Nation of Stromgarde
  • A custom A.I for the enemy that changes behavior based on the difficulty chosen.
  • Some units spawns at the start of the map based, as always, from the difficulty chosen.

1.1.1. Which difficulties can be chosen?

The difficulties suggested for playing this map are:
  1. Easy
  2. Normal
  3. Hard
Although in Wargus there are also two more difficulties, which are Nightmare and Hell, it is not recommended playing with those difficulties since the map isn't meant to be played with high level of difficulty.

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