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asde_cooperation - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


v1.3 + v1.3.1 + v1.3.2 1mo
  • Overhaul Removed the second tower and added some nice benches instead
  • Addition Added snowdrifts
  • Addition Added weapons to the boots of the white cars, an AK and MP5 around T spawn and an M249 in the ruined tower
  • Improvement Closed up the roof on CT spawn (I was too lazy to add snowdrifts ://)
  • Improvement Extended the bomb plant area to cover the whole zone where the light shines
  • Improvement Extended the radius of the sound of the Xmas song (from medium to large)
  • Improvement Made the snow layer more pronounced and thicker
  • Addition (1.3.1) Added snow to the outside stairs
  • Removal (1.3.2) Removed the dropped weapons
That's all I guess, I don't think this needs any more updating. If it does, I will update it further.

v1.3.1 note: i forgor :skull: to add snow to the stairs

v1.3.2 note: I removed the guns from CT spawn and T spawn, because yarra said it would eliminate pistol round which my little brain didn't think about
v1.2 2mo Addition7 Adjustment Feature

by Pezot205

Good afternoon,
this is the assasination-defusal map I created and posted as a WiP some time ago. In case you don't understand the rules:
The Ts win if the bomb explodes or the VIP dies.
The CTs win if the VIP is rescued or the bomb is defused.

It's December 24th, 2021 around 1AM. The terrorists have aimed for the last property of Lord William - a castle buried deep in the mountains. 19 years ago, they destroyed his summer chateau and 21 years ago they destroyed his castle (cbble). After all those years and perfect planning, they finally got to business. They sneaked in while the lord was having a Christmas party and planted explosives. They are rigged remotely to the main explosive, which they will plant around this time and will create a chain reaction, bringing the whole castle down.
CTs: Defuse the bomb or lead the hacker (VIP) to the computer array, where he can remotely defuse the other explosives!
Ts: Explode the C4 or kill the VIP! Without him, the CTs can't defuse the other explosives!
Note: The C4 is expected to be planted in the castle chapel, and the computer array is located in the big room opposite of it.

(not actually cannon to Cobble and Chateau)

The white police cars carry weapons in their boot!
There's a helicopter in the parking lot behind CT spawn.
There's a telescope on the front terrace. Try finding something interesting with it!
There's an Easter egg somewhere in the apartment.
On the point of the apartment, try clicking on the microwave!
You can jump on the Xmas tree in a certain spot. Try finding it!
Don't jump into the abyss near CT spawn, same with the one near T spawn.

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