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Well the fuck AM I (susie/deltarune/CMC V7-9.4) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


  • Adjustment Arcade mode: deleted undyne battle and added Neo-Spantom reference battle
  • Addition Palette: Ralsei,Asgore,QUEEN and berdly added
  • Adjustment Down+Taunt: minimal increased time
  • Improvement "WELL THE FUCK ARE WE" pose: sound effect
  • Adjustment Final Smash: Axe hit stun enemy while TRASH is comming
  • Adjustment Final Smash: fixed wrong color in one feet/wheel
my last this year
some minimal changes 1mo Addition3 Adjustment

Quiet people PISS ME OFF!

from the glorious world of deltarune to the crusade comes susie ... a somewhat annoying monster but it can be nice to meet her.

Those who follow me in the CMC and saw my fighter pass, will know that susie was not in my plans but like others ... I could not resist the "well the fuck" meme

TP system

Like Kris, she has her TP meter which fills up with hits and resets to 0 when she dies but Susie has a disadvantage and that is that taking damage negatively affects the counter. the good thing is that only ONE attack becomes null without TP


susie has a calm appearance at the beginning and many secret taunts buts with high percents (> 100) she seems more withdrawn having her face covered with her hair almost always and cancels all the special taunts


neutral-B (rude buster): Susie charges energy equivalent to her TP until he fills his ax with it to make a massive rudebuster. You can hurry up and throw a minor rudebuster if you don't want or can't wait. TP influences loading speed only

Side-B (Ralsei's launch): remembering a plan from Chapter 1 she grabs Ralsei and throws him as far as his TP allows him but without enough TP, Ralsei cannot appear but her attack can serve to annoy someone charging at least

Down-B (rebel mode): in this mode Susie acquires speed and attack strength, making her a killing machine, but the TP is depleted and your defense and weight are reduced during the process ... this is the only attack that without TP it can't work and wears out faster than Kris's version

Up-B (rising cannonball) Susie rotates to generate upward inertia, culminating in an upercut using her ax. With TP you can hold the button to grab some more inertia

Final smash

She makes an ax blow with all her strength and it seems that everything ends there but the earth begins to shake and Susie freaks out. THRASH then appears taking everything ahead (Susie included) and generating 60-70 damage. Susie returns with a respawn with only 5% more damage

Secret entry

It only activates on the maps if when finding the boss Susie is upset

Secret taunts

there are 3 directionals (one of them with secret) and 2 taunts that overwrite one of the directionals if a certain character is present

anyway ... I hope you like the mod and see if you find all the secrets