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FNF Online VS Impostor character pack (unofficial) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'

wtf sussy baka :flushed:

I don't own Vs Impostor or FNF Online Vs. I have no connections to either team, this is purely a fan project made for people who enjoy Vs Impostor and FNF Online Vs. All credits go to either team. This submission may go down if one of the devs from Vs Impostor or FNF Online Vs. don't want it here.
To play the original Vs Impostor mod:
To download FNF Online Vs:

Have you ever wanted to play as the sussy intruder from the popular Innersloth game AmogUs, but never felt satisfied with the old base impostor skin? Well now you can download this pack to get ports of even more sussy bakas to play as (but not all of them sadly).

possible things you may point out:
Q- you forgot the lights out bf
A- yeah i think i accidentally did
Q- you left out the dev characters
A- yeah i thought it'd be inappropiate to just put them in without asking
Q- some of it looks bad.
A- sorry, i had to finish some characters quickly in one night because i would not be able to do it otherwise, so it may look more rushed than the other 2 packs i posted, especially bf falling and green parasite, but i still tried my best
Q- tomongus, bf and the other guy look blurry
A- that's out of my control, you can't turn the anti-aliasing down more than that unfortunately
Q- falling bf's arrow animations don't work
A- i realized that right before i posted this, and even if i noticed it before i wouldn't have been able to fix it because other stuff i've tried to port over also had this problem and i never could figure out a fix, so sorry about that.
Q- I made an asset and wasn't credited in-game
A- sorry, but you probably were but the credit file gets cut off after like 4 mentions and i can't really do much about it
Q- I made an asset and wasn't credited at all
A- well if that's true then i'm deeply sorry about that, i uploaded this at like 3 am so i just quickly checked the original impostor credit list and credited only the first part of the credits, and then the people who made something that was used in this port, and not everyone who worked on it like i did on my previous ports. not sure if this could get fixed though because i probably won't be there

this pack includes probably all versions of green imposter, most versions of red imposter (most of them except the v1 ones which i couldn't find), black imposter, both tomongus variants, loggo and jolly loggo, and some extra bf skins that were in the original mod.