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Operator Shorty Tactical Gloves - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

Shorty is back with a new look.

An old project I finally got around to finish. Based on my previous Operator Shorty gloves, but with refreshed textures and completely redone normal map and shaders.

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    youre alive!

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    Welcome back mate.

    PD: Bob using hand Textures "cough"
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    Looks and feels like a comfy pair of finger gloves!

    It is quite a challenge to make gloves that has fingers in it while using the default gloves model as a base, some people did with ease, others with difficulty and some atleast tried, but didn't end well. I haven't seen your past work at all since I wasn't too active on CS:S modding these days, but the texture work is top-notch, specially the normalmap.

    The only thing that I don't really like is the use of BGRA8888 for all the textures and variants, it's a uncompressed format which immensely increases the texture size in the local disk, about 10 MB or so. Meanwhile DXT1 probably could have done the job better. I'm probably wrong though, since I can understand you were seeking for quality with no loss in it.

    The lack of UV seams around the gloves is actually a luxury I'd say. These lines were present a lot back in the day in old mods, you've done a great job of hiding them and making sure they won't show up that easily. 

    I couldn't let pass the smart use of VMT shaders and even a dedicated phong-exponent texture. I'm not exactly a fan of rimlighting but when it's used correctly, it sure looks fine as hell, as for the mod presentation it's great enough, a pack of fifteen in-game previews and a very eyecatching thumbnail, plus the straightforward description.

    A excellent choice for replacing the default gloves.
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    Duuuudeeeee welcome bek
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