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Friday Night Funkin': DeltaRuined - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Where's all of the Pipis?!?

Friday Night Funkin' - DeltaRuined

A Friday Night Funkin' skin mirroring the look of Deltarune, mimicking its Battle UI and even adding a few elements!




Week 3 is only available in this example. There is also Tutorial, but that has been untested and may be unstable lol. RESOLVED BY Venesio_ofc THX


Do not hit the white notes. They will hurt you!
Hit the blue notes, they are yours! Or, you can recolor them like you can in regular Psych Engine.

Downscroll cannot be enabled in this version of Psych Engine, as it would require major UI changes I would like to appoint later. For now, the option has been removed.
Middlescroll cannot be changed, as it will always be enabled. This means your opponent's notes will be hidden, so I advise not giving them any special effects, please.

Source Code building

This game on GameBanana is an example. You can go to the Source Code and recompile this game to make it your own! You have full permission. Or, since this is based on Psych Engine, you can create some modfiles and make your own mod without ever having to touch source code. 
Feel free to publish [[YOUR OWN MOD BASED ON THIS]] (see incident) on GameBanana, Github, or your own website with no permission needed! Credits required, however. Other sites, however (ahem, gamejolt) will just need a credits confirmation from me before you publish (as I am not on those platforms). I am usually available all week from 10AM CST to 9PM CST. Just send me a PM on GameBanana :)


Ports to other engines are not allowed
- This makes no sense anyway, as this is technically its' own engine (if not over specifically Psych Engine) 

Ports to build targets other than Windows are allowed and even encouraged
- If you have the hardware to build it, please do! Send me the build and I'll try to make it official. Thanks in advance!

Ports to other frameworks (e.x. Scratch Engine, PSXFunkin, Unity Party) are allowed, but discouraged.
- I mean, if you want to, sure, but it might as well be a waste of your time, sorry.


I really appreciate those who took the time out of their day to record themselves playing my funny lil FNF mod!

Thank you to the creators of:
FNF: Deltaruined Mod Showcase | The most creative FNF Deltarune mod! by Venesio
FNF Deltaruined | Friday Night Funkin' x Deltarune by — free games
Friday Night Funkin' DeltaRuined by ?Gabriel?
FNF Deltaruined Friday Night Funkin' x Deltarune Game gameplay by soy sonrisas (ES)
And also, deltaruined FNF (full Showcase) by big apple k
Friday Night Funkin mas é Deltarune!! - Deltaruined Engine by RenPlayz BR (BR) [5 brownie points for picking Termination!]
??? ?? FnF - mods DeltaRuined mode by ?????
????? ??? ?? ??? ?? | FNF Friday Night Funkin': DeltaRuined by ?? [1 brownie point for translating the dialogue on the thumbnail.] 
????? ??? ?? ??? / Friday Night Funkin': DeltaRuined by Coffee Bird
so many fnf mods so let's make them 10 26/11/21 by MREarthza (TH ?) [live-stream]
Friday Night Funkin DeltaRuined by GRAsplash
FNF (live) (12/02/2021) testing new mods and looking for good songs! by Apsi Apchuy [live-stream - Twitch]

For any further people willing to record/make some kind of media about this mod, here's a little guide.

1. Downloading the Windows executable is always encouraged, however if you don't have Windows, you can use's optimization of FNF DeltaRuined. ( unofficial but endorsed(?) )

2. This is not to be confused with the Deltaruined series of videos by Shadok. If you are going to name the mod by its' name, please include "FNF DeltaRuined", "Friday Night Funkin': DeltaRuined" in your media's title.

3. Use OBS. It's just good. And open-source. RMS rep me lmao

4. Feel free to DM me the link to your media over Discord or just here on GameBanana in order to have it featured on this page! I'm always happy to see new reviews of my dumb shit.


1. Add mod songs in order to show the potential of FNF DeltaRuined being its' own mod engine, perhaps? Recommendations personally are Dave & Bambi, VS. Jim (hehe shameless plug), or any mod with banger music. Extra brownie points for whoever does this: extra extra brownie points if you pick a banger song.

2. Change up the dialogue! Extra brownie points for this; you lose a brownie by sucking up to me; earn a brownie by somehow mentioning gay frogs, but you lose two brownies if you mention the frogs directly.

3. Change the noteskins? Dots are boring. 1 brownie point for changing the colors; another for changing the shape. No bonus if you change them back to default :(

4. You get 999,999,999 brownie points if you heart my inevitable comment on YT (i am cat laundry (please do not cringe at my pre-existing content :[ ))
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