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FNF ONLINE VS Dave and Bambi chr pack (unofficial) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


1.2: Applecore update 2mo
  • Addition Added Bandu, Bandu sad, Disruption Bambi, and Unfair Bambi facing forwards, from Applecore
  • Addition Added fixed Bambi Pixel
  • Addition Added Splitathon Bambi from 2.5, who I somehow missed
  • Addition Added Bambi but epic
  • Overhaul Reworked Bambi Madddd, Bambi Farmer (2.0), Bambi Splitathon (2.0), And Bambi Unfairness
  • Adjustment Changed heights of Cheating Bambi
  • Adjustment Changed the positioning of the old sprites' folders so it's a bit more consistent
  • BugFix Actually fixed Bambi Joke
1.1 2mo Addition Adjustment

bambi is kinda funi

I don't own Dave and Bambi or FNF Online Vs. I have no connections to either team, this is purely a fan project made for people who enjoy Dave and Bambi and FNF Online Vs. All credits go to either team. This submission may go down if one of the devs from Vs. Dave and Bambi or FNF Online Vs. don't want it here.
To play the original Vs. Dave and Bambi mod:
To download FNF Online Vs:

Ever played FNF Online Vs. and thought " Wow I really wish I could play as Dave, Bambi, Tristan, or Daddy Dearest made out of cum"? Well now you finally can.
After countless hours of work, I've ported every Vs Dave character that I know of to Online VS and collected all of them here as a character pack for those who want to play as them but don't know how to port a character.

This pack includes:
-Possibly all versions of Dave, Dave Insanity, Dave Furiosity, Bambi farmer, Tristan, Bambi joke, Bambi mad and 3D Bambi. (including old sprites, such as the 2.0 and 1.0 ones if you prefer them, and the ones from alphas and pre-alpha, such as 2d furiosity dave and Daddy Dearest made out of cum)
-All playable Bambi skins, including regular Mr. Bambi, Bambi Bevel, Bambi christmas, Bambi car, and Bambi pixel.
-The oldest Furiosity Dave that can  possibly hurt your eyes. (Please be careful with this one)
-Applecore, By Grantare, characters, being Bandu, Bandu Sad, Disruption Bambi and Unfair Bambi facing forwards.
-Staten Tower and FUCKEDTOWER from Staten Tower mod. (simply because it's going to show up in Split2ton and i'm adding them in anticipation)
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