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Linkle (and Link) Upgradeable Armor Rebalance AR20 - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

A balanced armor rebalance for Linkle (and Link).

This (balanced) re-balance for Linkle Mod changes the progression of armors to 3/5/8/12/20 for a max AR of 60 on almost all armor sets. It aims to preserve some of the challenge in the game, especially for people who prefer a more difficult Master Mode experience.

I did take some inspiration from Set Bonus Repurpose and made a few small tweaks. Changes include:

  • Almost all armors (base armor sets, DLC armors, Amibo, and circlets) have had their armor rating leveled out to 20 at 4 stars (3/5/8/12/20).
  • Hylian Armor set pieces have an attack bonus on their final upgrade to 4 stars.
  • Champion/Commanders Travel Shirt has an attack bonus on its final upgrade to 4 stars and has an AR progression of 4/6/10/16/24.
  • Soldier Armor has an attack bonus at all levels.
  • Ceremonial (Wild Set) Armor has an attack bonus at all levels.
  • Dark Armor give a stealth bonus for each piece equipped.
  • Royal Guard Uniform is the most defensive armor with a progression of 4/6/10/16/24 and max AR of 72.
  • All Circlets with elemental resist buffs have been added to the set bonuses of their matching armors. For example, the Diamond Circlet which gives Ancient Resistance will work with the Ancient Armor and give the "Ancient Proficiency" set bonus as though you were wearing all three pieces of the set.
  • Amber Hair Clips give an attack bonus at all levels.
  • Sheik Mask works with the Stealth Armor to give the "Night Speed Up" set bonus.
  • Island Lobster Shirt gives level 2 (full) heat resistance.
  • Well-Worn Trousers (that match the Island Lobster Shirt outfit) give the "Sand Speed Up" effect on their final upgrade.
  • All Amiibo armor pieces, with the exception of the Fierce Deity Armor, gain an attack bonus on their final upgrade and are interchangeable (will give the "Master Sword Beam Up" set bonus regardless of which ones are equipped).
  • Tingle armor gains a "Climb Speed" bonus per piece and no longer gives the "Scare" ability.
  • Snowquill Armor Boots give increased "Snow Move" speed on their 4th upgrade rather than a "Cold Resist" bonus.
  • Gerudo Cloth Boots and Desert Voe Boots give increased "Sand Move" speed on their 4th upgrade rather than a "Heat Resist" bonus.
  • Sand Boots will contribute to the Gerudo set bonus and can be mixed and matched with the Gerudo Cloth and Desert Voe gear to give the "Shock Resist" bonus.
  • Snow Boots and the Warm Doublet chest piece can be mixed and matched with the Snowquill Armor set and will give the "Freeze Proof" set bonus.
  • Salvage Gear can be mixed with Zora armor to give the "Swim Dash Stamina" set bonus.
  • Salvage chest piece gives the "Swim Waterfall" ability.
  • Salvage head piece gives the "Spin Attack" ability.
  • Opal head piece gives the "Spin Attack" ability.
  • Ravio's Hood will give the "Climb Stamina Up" set bonus when used with the Climbers armor set.


Use BCML, the learning curve is very forgiving. The video I watched to set it up can be found here. Since Linkle Mod and many of its addons are only in .BNP format I don't see any point (at this time) in providing a Graphics Pack version of this mod.

Observe the load order in the screenshot below:

Required files:

  • None if you use Link as the player character.
  • Linkle Mod (Only if you are using Linkle)

Optional files:

  • Alternate Gerudo Cloth Set - The Gerudo Cloth armor needs to retain its original set bonus so it can be used to start and finish several quests outside of Gerudo city. I personally find the Gerudo Cloth set for Linkle more appealing than the Desert Voe set so I made an alternate set of Gerudo Cloth armor that can be purchased from the Giro NPC merchant (see screenshot for location). This sets properties are similar to the Desert Voe set and can be mixed with the Desert Voe armor to give the "Shock Resist" set bonus.
  • L&L UAR - Fixed Ears Patch NX - Some headgear in BOTW allows the ears to move depending the item placed in the head. This mod will simply lock the ears for the affected headgear, in case you are getting an endless bouncing ear movement after installing mods like the Girly Animation Pack. This mod takes the place of i2m's Fixed ears in any headgear mod, DO NOT use the two mods together. During installation you can choose either a full install or select particular headgear. Make sure this mod goes above (has priority over) nearly ALL OTHER MODS in your load order (see screenshot for example). If you don't notice ear flapping in your game there is no need to use this patch as it will cause slight clipping on some headgear models (I have personally had ZERO ear flapping on the Cemu version of BotW with Girly Animation Pack installed and do not use this patch but priority/load orders may cause variances).
  • Pyra Flamebreaker - Upgradeable Armor Patch - A small patch for Linkle Pyra Outfit that removes the chance for flapping ears when using Girly Animation Pack. Place it with all other "Addon Patches" in your load order (see screenshot).
  • Wind Waker Set (Sailor Outfit) Retexture - Optional simple retexture for the Linkle Sailor Outfit that changes its colors from green to purple. See screenshot. Should have priority over other Linkle mods.

All of the following patches require mods from Sockpoppet's Patreon page.

Recommended Mods:


Please Read: Standalone Armor Compatibility

Not all standalone armors are going to be compatible with this mod, or any other upgradeable armor mod (such as Hyrule Rebalance) because the authors of certain standalone mods didn’t take into consideration the numbering of the .sbactorpack files that are used by Hollo's Upgradeable Armour Framework.

All upgradeable armor mods that use Hollo’s framework (such as this mod, Fully Upgradeable Armor and Hyrule Rebalance) make use of most of the following sbactorpack numbers:

  • Armor_235_Head to Armor_318_Head
  • Armor_235_Lower to Armor_318_Lower
  • Armor_235_Upper to Armor_318_Upper

If the mod uses some or all of the same file names and numbering then it will be incompatible without a patch. I have already checked and many of the Linkle Mod standalone armor sets are NOT compatible so I will look into making patches as I find the time.

In the mean time either disable conflicting standalone mods or make sure that this mod has a higher priority in your load order so that it overwrites. Check the screenshots to see how to check any standalone armor mods compatibility.

Known Issues:


I do not normally use Linkle or Link and thusly have not play tested this mod fully so PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUES so they can be addressed.


Lynard Killer and everyone on the Linkle Mod team for making our weebo wishes come true!

Hollo for his Upgradeable Armor framework.

Sockpoppet for their amazing work on all of the standalone and replacement Linkle armors! Please consider a small donation to his patreon if you have enjoyed his contributions to our community.


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  • Help, This mod turned my Nude Natural outfit into a Royal Guard Uniform.

    I even got the patch for it but it still changed? Am I doing something wrong?
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  • Valioxel avatar
    Valioxel Joined 2y ago
    536 points Ranked 55,211th
    This Mod is Great to be honest like how you gave Attack Up to Normal Clothing is there by any chance that in the future you add attack up to DLC Clothing like the Royal Guard Armor.

    i Wonder if your gonna make a version Instead of 20 adds 28 like in Zelda's Ballad or maybe 32 like the Champion Tunic either way im cool with 20 XD
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  • AvaTurtle avatar
    AvaTurtle Joined 3y ago
    189 points Ranked 83,031st
    I've been trying to get this mod to work for a while now, but nothing i do seems to work. I originally tried to install it with Linkle and some other mods installed, but i got an error from BCML when merging. I tried troubleshooting for a while, but ultimately decided to try uninstalling all mods and trying then; It still didn't work, and returned the same error. I then tried brute-force deleting the entire BotW install and reinstalling it, but BCML is still returning the same error. Other mods install and merge perfectly fine, and function in-game as well.

    I don't want to keep bashing my head against the wall, so if there's anything i could try, please let me know.

    I'm using Cemu 1.26.1, BotW is fully patched with all DLC. BCML is version 3.8.0.

    I don't know if it's useful at all, but here's the error i get:

    Oops! Unexpected Version

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "c:\users\avalion\appdata\local\programs\python\python38\lib\site-packages\bcml\", line 392, in install_mod
      File "c:\users\avalion\appdata\local\programs\python\python38\lib\site-packages\bcml\", line 661, in refresh_merges
      File "c:\users\avalion\appdata\local\programs\python\python38\lib\site-packages\bcml\", line 462, in timed_function
        res = func(*args, **kwargs)
      File "c:\users\avalion\appdata\local\programs\python\python38\lib\site-packages\bcml\mergers\", line 146, in perform_merge
        actorinfo = get_stock_actorinfo()
      File "c:\users\avalion\appdata\local\programs\python\python38\lib\site-packages\bcml\mergers\", line 15, in get_stock_actorinfo
        return oead.byml.from_binary(util.decompress(actorinfo.read_bytes()))
    oead.InvalidDataError: Unexpected version

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  • Cruptile avatar
    Cruptile Joined 8mo ago
    106 points Ranked 106,983rd
    what does the alternategerudoclothset do? as both the original and the (b) set have the same attributes/set bonus.
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  • Thank you for putting in sooooooo much time to get all of these versions for Al of the different armor tweaked. I can only imagine the time sink and I applaud you. 
    • Thanks x 1
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  • NotOnLand avatar
    NotOnLand Joined 8mo ago
    I'm using this mod with Linkle and the Eighth Heroine quest seems to be broken. I started the quest a long time ago (before adding this mod) and finally went to finish it but the guy doesn't want to talk to me, even in full Gerudo clothes. I tried disabling it to finish it and reenabled it and now I can't start the one for the snow boots with the same guy. I imagine it's similar to the bug with Link
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  • xeno814 avatar
    xeno814 Joined 8mo ago
    Used this mod as LINK. NPCs can spot me as a Voe when equipping Gerudo Set thus I can't enter Gerudo as well as initiate the Sand Boots quest
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  • XModxGodX avatar
    XModxGodX Joined 3y ago
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    Any chance of doing a 28 version for Link/Linkle?
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  • brimso avatar
    brimso Joined 9mo ago
    9mo 9mo
    can you post what materials you need to upgrade the dlc armor?

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  • Neko-san avatar
    Neko-san Joined 2y ago
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    Could you port a Switch version?
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