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Vile (Mega Man X) [0.9.4/CMC+] - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm the one that's gonna change the world.

Heyo! I return once again after long weeks of training (which totally isn't my copout way of saying I was taking a short break after my previous double release no way sir what are you talking about there is no break in ba sing se) to bring you yet another new addition! This time it's a character that probably took way longer to enter the fray than expected...But he's finally here.

From the Mega Man X spin-off series, Vile joins the fight!

But before we can get to him, I would like to make a disclaimer first and foremost regarding something related to the release of this mod since I know people are going to say or ask about it.

First of all: No. Vile was not made because of a request, or anything remotely close to that. I chose to make Vile out of my own volition and my own volition alone. I didn't even know people were requesting him until after I started to work on the guy.

Additionally, I don't do requests. When I make a character, I do so by my own choice depending on many factors (such as if the character has a deep connection to me or to the friends I hold very dear to my heart, or if I am familiar enough with them to be able to to them justice while making something fun and amazing out of it along the way), but none of them are because someone just so happened to make a request on GameBanana. I feel more comfortable that way as it means I can work on the character at my own pace without feeling pressured to get them done in time. 

Of course, this is just me speaking for myself in this regard, as there are many who don't feel that kind of pressure, but I felt like I should explain this clearly in the chance someone asks me about this. 

That said...Let's not dwell too deep into that and focus on today's character. Here's what Vile can do:

  • Vile's Jab, Side Tilt, and Neutral Air attacks all have him use his Vulcan weapon, the Cherry Blast! Vile can walk, jump, and double jump while shooting with this weapon, much like he can in his playable appearance in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X! The bullets get weaker depending on distance, though, and their reach isn't very high horizontally, be careful!
  • Side and Up Smashes are both powerful shots from his cannon weapon, the Front Runner! Depending on how long you charge the smash attack, the projectile will travel for longer, and it will also get a size increase! 
  • Burning Drive, his Down Smash, can hit on both sides around him to send opponents packing!
  • Forward Air is Cerberus Phantom, where he fires three laser shots from his shoulder cannon that cover a wide area in front of him while also penetrating through enemies!
  • Back Air is Bazai Beetle, a missile that will gradually speed up as it stays out!
  • Down Air is Bumpity Boom, a napalm that explodes on contact with the ground or opponents!
  • Back Throw has Vile use the Go-Getter Right. A rocket powered fist that travels foward, then comes back to send opponents away! This move can hit other opponents on its return trip alongside the grabbed target, so you better get out of the way if you're close to Vile!
  • Up Throw involves Vile sending the opponent up before using the Rising Specter laser weapon, hitting not only his thrown target, but also anyone else that's caught in the laser!
  • Neutral Special - Electric Shock Round: Vile's main cannon attack from his boss fights in both Mega Man X1 and Mega Man X3, he will fire a electric ball that will stun opponent's briefly on contact. However, if it doesn't hit anyone after a while, the projectile will then split into 5 smaller ones, with a greater spread than before!
  • Side Special - Quick Homesick: Fire a boomerang at a 45 degree angle that returns back to sender in a Clockwise motion! While this used to be able to grab items in Maverick Hunter X, this one will instead hit opponents multiple times, dragging them to you! Use this for many cheeky setups!
  • Down Special - Fire Stream: Vile launches a bomb that creates a slow moving pillar of flames that hit the opponent multiple times. You cannot fire another bomb when the pillar is up, but you can take the opportunity to set up while the opponent has to find a way around it!
  • Up Special - Flight Jet: Vile will fly high into the sky, moving at any direction of your choosing. You can use this to come up with many aerial approaches or as an escape option in case something goes dicey, and of course, it's your main (and only) recovery option! Vile can act out of it at any point with a move, but repeated usage of this move will drastically decrease its duration.
  • Final Smash - Goliath Hexa Involute: Vile will first use Necro Burst to fire a burst of blue energy forwards. If it connects, Vile goes into overdrive, entering his Goliath Ride Armor and pummeling them as hard as he can many times over before finishing it off with a massive discharge of electricity to send not only the attacker he first hit, but anyone else caught in the blast. Truly a devastating attack befitting of Vile!
  • Has full item compatibility and true palettes, with 16 of them in total!

And with that I think that's all I have to cover for Vile! He is a very tricky type of Zoner that likes to keep his opponents guessing and waiting for their chance to slip up before he wreaks havoc upon them with everything he's got before they can say "NOT A CHARGE SHOT!!!!", so careful playing around with his many projectiles and traps is key. It's safe to say he is quite the versatile one, and I am very proud of how he turned out as he is a character I am very fond of! I hope you also have fun trying many things out and destroying everyone that comes in your way as him.

...OH! I ALMOST FORGOT! There is actually one last thing that Vile is able to do, but I'll be leaving that as a secret for now. The only hit you'll get is that it's related to a certain other series that shows up in the Mega Man X games that may or may not have gotten plenty of easter eggs overtime. If you know what it is and somehow find it, you're an absolute baller!