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Blaze the Cat (Sonic Rush) [CMC+ V7] - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Step by step.

Hailing from another dimension, Blaze the Cat conflagrates the competition!

Blaze the Cat is a Mobian Cat, princess, and Guardian of the Sol Emeralds. She hails from the Sol Zone, where she battles robotic pirates and their fiendish master Dr. Eggman Nega, whose machinations have occasionally brought her into contact with the villainous Dr. Eggman and the heroic Sonic the Hedgehog.

Think this is a good pick for the first Sonic mod I've ever made, lol
I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Blaze even if admittedly she's not the best written character out there. Idk, I just really her design a lot, an anthropomorphic lavender cat that can harness fire powers is pretty appealing to me.

In this mod, Blaze's a little bit slower than Sonic, but not enough to be noticeable as you'll be incredibly mobile throughout matches given her special moves. She also has a tad better mobility in midair compared to the blue blur, and is more fierce with her arsenal of options to deal with opponents both from up close and personal, as well as from a distance. However, her weight is in a middleground between Sonic's and Tails, due to this she may die a bit earlier than normal if she's cornered.

How about we take a look at her specials?

  • Neutral Special: Pyrokinesis - Blaze shoots fireballs forwards, one at a time. Tapping the special button repeatedly makes her shoot more fireballs, for a max of four of them. When used in midair, Blaze instead shoots three fireballs at once in a downwards arc, regardless of how many times the button is pressed. Good for damage and zoning.
  • Side Special: Flame Boost - More or less the equivalent of Sonic's boost, albeit a lot more controllable than his and not dependant on an arbitrary meter. When used on the floor, Blaze takes a quarter of a second to then burst running forwards enveloped in flames.
    The more you hold the button, the more she boosts. Let go of the button or press the opposite direction and blaze will either come to a complete stop by braking (if on the floor) or simply stop boosting and enter endlag cancellable into aerials or her Up Special (if in midair. If on the floor, you can press jump to leap a short distance upwards.
    The move has a more damaging sweetspot right at its startup burst, so be careful if fighting her and you're too close to her.
    It deals less damage and knockback when in midair compared to when grounded.
    Incredibly good move for mobility and dealing damage, though it can't kill on its own.
  • Up Special: Axel Jump - Blaze leaps upwards spinning around with a leg outstretched like a ballerina, while using her pyrokinetic powers to create a ring of flames around her to drag opponents to herself upon hit, hitting them multiple times before sending them flying away to either her left or right side (depending on what side the opponent is at relative to her), to then enter freefall state. Decent recovery move, very good mixup move that deals a good amount of damage when all hits are connected while also serving as a "get off me" tool.
  • Down Special: Flames of Kilekion - A more unique/original take on the move from SatBK, if used on the ground Blaze uses her Pyrokinesis to spawn two fire pillars one at each side, dealing multihit damage and serving as a good kill tool.
    If used in midair, however, Blaze will instead create six fireballs, three at each side, shooting them laterally as a way of making some space for herself. This doesn't cover below her, however, so you must be careful with where you'll use the move. This variation cannot kill reliably, though its fireballs may be able to combo into one another for racking up damage. The aerial version of the move can't be used more than once in a single jump, so be mindful.
  • Final Smash: Burning Blaze - Upon usage, Blaze transforms into her Burning form before dashing forwards. If she touches an opponent, she'll perform a devastating combo of hits on them before kicking them straight upwards. After this, while the opponent is falling, she'll channel as much pyrokinetic power as she can possibly muster before unleashing a deadly Burning Blast, damaging anyone unlucky enough to be in range and being incredibly potent.
    Whoever was the initial victim has no hope of survival, as the entire attack deals a grand total of 134% to them before finishing them off with the final blast. Whoever is in close vicinity has a chance of surviving the final blast, but don't push your luck too much.

I put quite a kilometric fuckton of effort into this mod's everything, down to recoloring every single sprite in order for paletting to be even feasible (she has 25 palettes to choose from, got dam). On that note, I hope you enjoy playing as her as much as I enjoyed myself making her!
I'm incredibly proud of the results and the time spent on her was well worth it.

She's a truckload of fun to play as, I can guarantee you that much!
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