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Yeth (0.9.4/CMC+ V7) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


1.2 Patch 2mo
  • Adjustment Adjusted Up Smash Again in an attempt to make it more consistent.
  • Adjustment Adjusted the range of the grab.
  • Adjustment Changed the knockback of Down Smash.
  • Adjustment Adjusted Side Special again
  • Tweak Changed the SFX of Back Throw
  • Adjustment A few other minor balance changes I'm forgetting.
Please download the newest release. It has a few more minor fixes.
Day 2 Patch 3mo Adjustment3 Improvement4

White streak, speeds by... YETH.

Hi everybody, I'm dekutony.

This is my second custom character, so you may expect some imperfections and issues, it has been a while.

Anyway, you may be wondering, who on earth is Yeth!?

He comes from an old 2011 Sonic 1 ROM Hack simply called "Yeth", created by Banoon. Naturally it stars the titular Yeth as he runs through various weird enemies and even weirder and sometimes disturbing levels. Yeth plays exacly like Sonic, except when he's underwater where he goes extremely fast for some reason.

This hack isn't anything too impresive, but the weirdness of the whole experience and the weird looking title character himself to become somewhat of a meme, thanks in part due to various online personalities covering the game; particularly YouTuber AntDude.

This mod is based of his original 2011 incarnation and not his Yeth 2 design. I started working on this mod before I was even aware of the sequel being a thing.

It is pretty funny to me, and I recently got the motivation to finally make him and a new character in general after KFC Luigi's positive reception.
Of course, this character isn't meant to be taken super seriously, but I still spent a lot of time and effort into it, I hope the quality shows regardless.

I hope you enjoy playing as him! GOOD FOR YOU.

So what are his special moves?

Neutral Special: Hopping Face

He kicks a face. It goes in an arc and deals very little damage, but it has a weak meteor effect.

Side Special: Little Speed

He runs faster than usual then he gets tired. He's trying his best ok

Down Special: Yeth Quake

Yeth jumps and then falls down fast afterwards. When he slams the ground, he will flinch for a little.

He just hit the ground too hard, poor guy.

Up Special: Mr. Eyeballs

Yeth will jump on and kill an enemy that appeared out of nowhere to give Yeth an extra jump. What an unfortunate tragedy.

Final Smash: The Face

Yeth stops time briefly and a giant face will fall from the sky out of nowhere.

If it lands on an opponent, it will deal huge damage and knockback.

He also comes with true palettes! 17 to be exact. Who knows if there will be more in future updates.
His home stage is obviously the Three Yes Old Zone custom stage.


I want to say special thanks for the in the Crusade Modding Community for inspiring me to finally make a custom character, as well as those tutorials.

This wouldn't been possible without them. Please look forward for more updates in the future.

Thanks for reading! :)

Character mod created for CMC+ v7 in mind. It's also compatible with 9.4 although it's not recommended.