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Improved Create Server Menu - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


Version 3.2 2mo
  • Addition Added Brazilian Translation courtesy of StShAsriel
No update necessary if you have an older version.
Version 3.1 2mo Addition Adjustment Version 3 2mo Addition Improvement Version 2 3mo Addition5 Adjustment Spanish Update! 3mo Adjustment Addition
This mod adds many more options to the create server dialog, allowing for more precise customization of listen servers.

Supports the Spanish, Russian and Brazilian languages.
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  • medyk Nr 1 avatar
    medyk Nr 1 Joined 2mo ago
    where is polish?

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  • Great menu mod
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  • Where do I install this?
    where funny
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    literal godsend
    thank you
    shoutouts to simpleflips
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  • Aux avatar
    Aux Joined 5mo ago
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    I like this update
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  • FireBoy9999VN avatar
    FireBoy9999VN Joined 7mo ago
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    What new?
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  • Very nice, i got very tired of having to check the mapnames every time and then having to load them in the console. I don't know if its possible but could you add something like "execute commands on startup" so you can add commands like "nav_generate"
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    Crack Snorting Programmer
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  • 3chmidt avatar
    3chmidt Joined 5y ago
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    putting it in cfg doesn't do much, so where should i put it?
    Meme Surpreme avatar
    Meme Surpreme
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  • ArmorKeik avatar
    ArmorKeik Joined 2y ago
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    3mo 3mo
    Very good mod!

    The truth that I see it very useful, no doubt it will go to my TF2.

    But I see a drawback, and the problem is that it is only in English. Isn't there a way for the game to automatically translate the menu?

    And by the way I throw you a suggestion: To have a more advanced map search, since the default is very basic; it doesn't even let you write the name.

    ¡Che boludo! avatar
    ¡Che boludo!
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  • Allen Scott avatar
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    Allen Scott avatar
    Allen Scott
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    Our Pink Sanctum
    Fluffy Spider
    This is really useful. Thanks for making this!
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    Texture Artist avatar
    Texture Artist
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