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Stylish Linkle - Makeup, earrings, glasses - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


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Added the mod as a ZIP file in the downloads section without any BCML transformation, in case you want to access the whole files, integrate in your own mod, reverse engineering it... your call :)
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Stylish Linkle - Makeup, earrings, glasses

Stylish Linkle packs and replaces three of my previous mods:

While I'm keeping online the first one (it features some colors and compatibility options not implemented here), I'm droping the other two as they have been totally included here.

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Stylish Linkle uses the options feature of BCML, so when you install it, you will have to choose what do you want to install: Only the makeup? Only earrings? Only glasses? All of them? And what color? Let's see...


  • If selected, it adds lipstick, some gloss, a touch of blush, thinner eyebrows, and cute freckles to Linkle. You can choose the lipstick color and having or not freckles (these are very noticeable when you zoom in really close the camera, but very subtle and cute as soon as it goes back).


  • If selected, it adds the new Modern glasses I already used here and here (so don't install these ones unless you do it without glasses). The glasses are shown over almost every armor set in the game in the same way earrings do, so Linkle will wear them always. You can choose classic red, cool cyan, girly pink, and Lipstick match in some cases (they will match the lipstick color of the makeup)


  • If selected, it adds a pair of stud earrings for Linkle. They work in the same way Link’s hoop earrings in the default game, meaning Linkle wear them always except while wearing some special headgear. You can choose their color: Aquamarine Blue, Ruby Red, Pink Amethyst, Pearl White, Onyx Black, Emerald Green and Lipstick match (earrings color will match the lipstick color of the makeup). 


  • Just download the BNP file and let BCML do the magic: select when asked your desired options, and they will be installed over Linkle mod (ensure this mod is loaded after it).
  • The mod changes Linkle’s face textures (for the makeup) and the face 3D model (glasses and earrings), so it will conflict with other mods that makes changes on the face (eye color, skin tone) or in the whole base body (bikini mods, etc).
  • Also, for now the Emerald Green earrings will not work with any makeup.


  • You can get the girly walking and running animations here.