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Dole Bananas - A Mod for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.

(Not) Sponsored by Dole

This mod updates the bananas to have the Dole logo like in SMB1/2.

Dark bananas come in two different flavors:
- Chaquita
- Inverted (Dole logo but colors inverted)

Unfortunately the logo is hard to see on golden bananas, but how often will you play that mode anyway?

Anyone is allowed to repackage this mod into other mods/packs as long as you give me some credit.
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    This is amazing, and having the Chaquita bananas for the dark mode makes it even better.
    Do you plan on modifying the pineapple texture as well to have the Dole logo as well?
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    Thanks a lot!!!
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    This mod required modifying the banana models themselves because they were technically split in half length-wise which meant unsymmetrical textures wouldn't look correct.

    Here's the gist of the steps I took and the tools used:

    1. Extract meshes (banana01, fusa01) and textures (banana01, obj_banana_gold01, obj_banana_corruption01) with AssetStudio from a banana mania game file (in this case, "object")
    2. Modify the textures with
    3. Import extracted mesh into Blender, perform banana surgery
    4. Export finished banana as obj
    5. Open Unity and install the "FBX Exporter" package (Google this - it's a preview package by Unity themselves)
    6. Import obj into Unity
    7. Right click obj and "Convert to FBX Prefab variant"
    8. Install this Unity script
    9. Right click on your new .fbx file and "Extract Meshes"
    10. Put the extracted .asset file somewhere safe
    11. Open UABEA and open the relevant banana mania asset file (in this case, "object").  Open in memory is fine, afterwards click "Info" to view files
    12. Find the mesh to replace and click "Export Dump"
    13. Place this in the same folder as your .asset file from step 10
    14. Open the .asset file from step 10 and the text file from step 13 side-by-side - I like to use Sublime
    15. Replace values in the .txt file with values from the .asset file. Most of this can be done by hand but for the m_IndexBuffer and _typelessdata fields you will want to use this script:
    16. Save the .txt file
    17. In UABEA select the mesh again and do "Import Dump" and select the text file you just made
    18. Also find the relevant texture file and click "Plugins > Edit Texture > Load" to load your custom texture
    19. When done click "File> Save"
    20. Close the "Assets Info" window
    21. Close the UABEA window. It will ask you if you want to save. Click "YES"
    22. Save the file, reopen UABEA, and then open the file you just made
    23. In UABEA click "File > Compress" and use the default LZ4 compression
    24. When it finishes, you can now place that file back into Banana Mania and start it, hopefully without issues

    Unfortunately this method doesn't seem to work for more complicated models, such as the monkeys themselves. When I tried modifying AiAi's UV map, somewhere during the AssetStudio->Blender->Unity conversions the model's vertex count tripled and the mesh export was missing a lot of data.

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    What tool do you use to edit the unity asset files? i only have assetstudio to view and extract/dump them right now.
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