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Acoma's HUD Icons (Fixed and Resized) - A Mod for Black Mesa


Version 1.2 2mo
  • Addition Added fixed weapon icon for Folded Stock Shotgun (located in "Extras" folder), watch screenshots for proper comparison. As i have noticed on different BM screenshots where people demonstrate their own let's plays or even self-made mods - they use folded stock shotgun (i mean the one from Thanez HEV Replacement Pack) as almost often as stockless one, so now you have it. I should've done it faster, but i got busy lately and some other stuff, sorry about that. You might say that original folded stock shotgun icon (the one that marked as "Before") is already looks fine, but i still had to reduce its size a bit and add modified .vmt file for it, now it really fits better. Main requester - empower1 (have fun mate, you've been waiting this update for a long time :D).
Version 1.1 3mo Addition2 Amendment
Original Acoma's Reworked HUD Icons were made for mod version of BM in 2013, and if you install them on latest game version - most of them will look stretched and deformed, but it only concerns weapon icons (the ones on weapon selection slots), ammo and item icons are totally fine because their aspect ratio is 1:1 (square) and they don't get stretched nor deformed, which you wouldn't say so about weapon icons themselves.

I didn't like how they look, so i've fixed them - changed their size and added modified .vmt files for most of them.

So the following icons have been changed:

- Almost all main weapon icons (Crowbar, Default Glock, .357 Revolver, Stockless Shotgun, Crossbow, RPG, Tau Cannon, Gluon Gun, Hivehand, Mark II Frag Grenade, Satchel Charge, Tripmine, Snarks).
***A little note: MP5 icon wasn't changed - for some reason it already looks fine, so i didn't touch it.***

- Extra weapon icons (Alternative Glock, Beretta M9, Smith & Wesson .44 Revolver, Desert Eagle, M4A1, Folded Stock Shotgun, M67 Frag Grenade, Alternative Satchel Charge).

- All ammo and item icons are included and wasn't changed at all, because it don't need to.

Watch screenshots for proper comparison.

I hope you will like it! :D

Download and unpack the .rar file, then pick preferable icons from "materials" folder and copy it into "my_custom_stuff" folder that located in your "custom" folder (Black Mesa/bms/custom). If you don't have "my_custom_stuff" folder - just create one and it all should work.