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Custom Punk-Themed Shirt Pack - A Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield


v1.1 2mo
  • Tweak Fixed Gloria's arms
Fixed an issue in the first version caused by unmerged vertices in Gloria's arms in the cropped version of the shirts, causing a line to appear under her arms. 

So I wanted to try my hand at creating custom T-shirts and ended up creating 5 different designs that I all wanted to include in one pack. The designs are are all inspired by the punk/Spikemuth theme and are meant to replace the existing "punk" designs Gamefreak included in the game, which I think were a bit boring. In addition to including custom t-shirt designs, I also included crop-top versions of the same designs to replace the "torn tops" of gamefreaks designs, for both genders. So in actuality each gender gets 10 custom shirts!

All of these shirts are purchasable in Circhester. Below is information about what each shirt replaces as well as what inspired each design.

GoGo Zigzagoon - This design replaces the "Nasty Plot" designs in the game. This design is actually inspired by an actual real-life t-shirt that I own that was released by The Pokemon Company as part of the "GoGo Yell" campaign for the Pokemon Center Store in Japan. I liked the design, so I wanted to turn it into an in-game shirt. 

Neon Sableye - This design replaces the "astonished eevee" designs in the game. I'm sure most people recognize where this design came from. This design came from the neon sableye lights found in Spikemuth, visible in the stadium where you fight Piers. I thought they would look neat on a t shirt.

Jailhouse Punk - This design replaces the "pikachu payback" designs in the game. These are basically simple black and white stripped inspired by the black and white barred shirt prison/jail inmates sometimes wear. 

Devilish Grimmsnarl - This design replaces the "night shade" designs in the game. The original art for this came from a tcg deck box sold by the Pokemon Center store in Japan. However, i altered the art red to give it a more hellish flare.

PunkCity - This design replaces the "scary face" designs in the game. The main part of this design comes from a part of a piece of art released from the same "GoGo Yell" Pokemon Center campaign as the first shirt. Specifically, an acryllic stand featuring Marnie, Team Yell and the zigzagoon line. It was impractical to fit the entire piece of art on one shirt, so I simply took the oart that I think would look the nicest on a tshirt, that being the part featuring Obstagoon with Spikemuth visible in the background.

Also included in the mod is a DAT file that switches the names of the shirts in the shop menu to their appropriate custom names.

Any problems with the mod, any suggestions or any other general inquiries, let me know!