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Wii U Console Performance Patch - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

This mod uses a patch from Static FPS to give BOTW a solid performance boost. I've also included a code patch BNP, if you want to see the difference exaggerated on Cemu (this is already part of FPS++). TL:DR: it now runs at a locked 30 FPS in the most demanding environment I can think of, Korok Forest. If you want my testing methodology/results, here you go:

Testing Details


-Stand next to Master Sword pedestal, and wait at a fire until noon.
-As soon as the map UI re-appears, start a 5 minute timer. If the game is running at a full 30 FPS the entire time, the timer will go off at exactly 5PM in-game time.
-For even more lag, hold the right stick to the left or right the entire time, and keep the camera close to the ground so that it renders slightly more objects.


-Both tests were conducted right after booting the game, and loaded this save file, before teleporting to Korok Forest.
-Both tests used the Meteor Rod to light the fire, and kept it out the entire time.
-Both tests were conducted using the GamePad display, with the console not connected to a TV at all.

My results:


          -Start of test: 12:00PM in-game
          -End of test: 4:50 PM in-game
          -Time loss: 10 seconds (300 frames)


          -Start of test: 12:00PM in-game
          -End of test: 5:00 PM in-game
          -Time loss 0 seconds

Mod Installation:

Download the zip, and put your copy of U-King.rpx in the same folder. Drag performance.xdelta onto AIO.bat and wait. Go into the PatchedRPX folder, where there should now be a new U-King.rpx. You can load this by replacing it over FTP. For more information on how to get your copy of U-King.rpx and install over FTP, see

About the thumbnail: I don't have a capture card or anything, so I can't 100% confirm if it does increase by a full 5 FPS, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did in combat. I just needed some sort of thumbnail to release it, and this gets the point across well. Keep in mind that the console caps it at 30 FPS, so it can probably still maintain full speed in more strenuous situations than this.
I'll try to add a video if I can, but it's really annoying to record the Wii U, so I might not be able to.