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Zelda's Ballad Armor Rebalance - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

Lite armor rebalance for Zelda's Ballad.

This mod has only briefly been tested, please let me know if you encounter any issues.

A lite armor re-balance for Zelda's Ballad that changes almost all gear with a lower armor rating to 28. I don't feel having an armor rating of 84 (same as the Soldiers Armor, etc) is game breaking, especially on Master Mode and I got tired of switching out armor constantly in order keep my defense up when traveling across Hyrule.

Also, I am an appearance freak and enjoy being able to change outfits without having to make sacrifices to gameplay. I have NOT touched the masks (Midna, Korok, etc) because I feel like beefing up gear that can be easily reached at the start of the game ruins my experience. The only armor with an armor rating of 28 that can be reached at the start of the game is the Royal Guard outfit in Hyrule Castle, good luck.

Ultimately all this mod does is save time on switching out armors but I did take some inspiration from Set Bonus Repurpose and made a few small tweaks, changes include:

  • All armors (base armor sets, DLC armors, Amibo, and circlets) have had their armor rating elevated to 28 at 4 stars (4/7/12/18/28).
  • Hylian Armor and the Champion/Commanders Travel Shirt now have an attack bonus on their final upgrade to 4 stars.
  • Soldier Armor has an attack bonus at all levels.
  • Hylian Hair Clips have an attack bonus at all levels.
  • Dark Armor has an armor rating of 28 and attack bonus.
  • Royal Guard Uniform now has an armor rating of 28.
  • All Circlets with elemental resist buffs have been added to the set bonuses of their matching armors. For example, the Diamond Circlet which gives Ancient Resistance will work with the Ancient Armor and give the "Ancient Proficiency" set bonus as though you were wearing all three pieces of the set.
  • Sheik Mask works with the Stealth Armor to give the "Night Speed Up" set bonus.
  • Tingle Armor has been left with an AR of 4 since its easily obtained and meant to be comical.


I recommend using BCML, the learning curve is very forgiving. The video I watched to set it up can be found here. If using BCML observe the load order:

NOTE: If you insist on a manual install and use Zelda's Ballad Amibo Outfits then you need to install my mod after it and allow everything to overwrite.

Required files:
  • Zelda's Ballad
  • ZB Armor Rebalance - Base Install this first.
  • ZB Armor Rebalance - Main Install this after the Base file.

Optional Files:

Credit goes to:

Amiibolad and YamGaming for giving us Zelda's Ballad, Zelda's Ballad Amibo Outfits and Short Hair Zelda (Hylian Set).

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