Bayonetta Full Skin - NSFW - A Mod for Bayonetta


  • BugFix Ver 1.2
Error on a cutscene where the skin mod disappeared on Easy Mode. No more problem, it's fixed.

Time to see Bayonetta with her summon skin look, all the time!

This mod replaces the first costume of Bayonetta with a completely nude version.

Works not only is Bayonetta nude for game play, but also for cut scenes.

To have access to this mod, first, you must finish the game on Normal difficulty to obtain the Mirror (Item) at the Rodin store and unlock the costume purchase option.

The original mod was made years ago, so I remade this one based on the original vanilla Bayonetta skin, just removing some of her hair and improving the lightning to be available and look better during the cutscenes. Also I omited some details like the chains and gloves while it's active.

1. Add the "pl0000.dat" file (Inside the "Bayonetta/data/pl" folder.) Just copy and paste the folder.

2. Go to the "No Intro" folder. Copy and paste the "B_US_0000.sfd" and "PlatinumGames.sfd" files to the "Bayonetta\Steam\steamapps\common\Bayonetta\data\movie" folder. Overwrite the original ones.

3. Launch the game and the mod is aimed for the first costume.

(You may change the costume slot by replacing the "pl0000.dat" file for the one called "pl002d.dat" and it will replace the Various A Costume instead.)
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    Cat_Trash Joined 17d ago
    Would this work on nintendo switch version? Or only steam version?

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    N00B3112 Joined 1mo ago
    Is it possible to replace whatever skin Bayonetta uses when summoning? Having her be "clothed" normally, then go completely nude when summoning madonna butterfly, or using the "time-stop" statues is something I'd personally prefer.
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