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DualSaga184's Nameplate pack - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U).

Here is a nameplate pack. (It has more than Princess shroob, I used that for an example because I didn't feel like uploading more pics)

There might be some nameplates in here that already exist somewhere else, and if so, oh well. If I couldn't find it (of if I did and didn't like it), I made it. I used the very helpful automatic nameplate generator that can be found here: and if you need help installing them look here:

I would link to the mods that the various nameplates go to, but some are taken down, others were never here in the first place. One way or another I got the mod and felt it needed a nameplate and couldn't find one so I made it.

For now I am not taking requests, but if I can find a nameplate in smash 4 style that already exists for the character I won't make it In this case I'll point you in the direction of where it is or give you a copy if I can't find where it came from.

Here is a list of all the nameplates and who they are for (but this can be easily changed by changing the name of the file):

Banjo & Kazooie - Mario

Beast Boy - Luigi

Bob-omb - Kirby

Bomberman - Mario

Chell - Wii Fit Trainer

Ciel - Cloud

D.Va - Zero suit samus

Elecman - Megaman

God Eater-chan - Cloud

Guts - Ike

Kuriboh - Jigglypuff

Levi - Cloud

Lilac - Sonic

Mach rider - Captain Falcon

Makise Kurisu - Robin

Metal Shadow - Sonic

Mr.Krabs - Wario

Ms. Pacman - Pacman

Nana - Villager

Papyrus - Marth

Phoenix Wright - Captain Falcon

Pichu - Pikachu

Pokey - Villager

Popo - Villager

Princess Shroob - Peach

Ristar - Sonic

Ryuko - Lucina

Shadow - Sonic

Shantae - Wii Fit Trainer

Sheen - Lucas

Snake - Ike

Spongebob - Lucas

Squall - Marth

T.Cyrix - Marth

Weavel - Samus

Wesker - Captain Falcon

Zero - Roy

Zombie - Link

More nameplates added update 1:

Blood falcon - Captain Falcon

King K. Rool - Bowser

Lou Pickles - Charizard

Mega Charizard X - Charizard

Mewoser Jr. - Bowser Jr

More nameplates added update 2:

Boo - Kirby

Gamma - Ganondorf

Goomba - Kirby

Mr. Saturn - Jigglypuff

Ryo - Ike

Tardis - Bayonetta

The loaf - Jigglypuff

More nameplates added update 3:

Gon Freecs - Little Mac

Karas - Lucina

Magolor - Luigi

Mr. Bones - Luigi
(The skin says Skullivan but I prefer to use cannon names so I made this)

Pumpkin Head - Mario

Stella - Lucina

More nameplates added update 4:

Aurora - Rosalina

Blake - Zss

Colonel Radec - Samus

Guilmon - Lucario

Natsu - Roy

Ratchet - Falco

Reckless Safety Man - Wii Fit Trainer

Rose - Rosalina

Uncle Grandpa - Villager

Vegetto - Captain Falcon

Waddle Doo - Jigglypuff

Warioman - Wario

Zen-Oh - Ness

Zero Suit Ridley - Zss

More nameplates added update 5:

Abomasnow - Dedede

Azumarill - Kirby

Banned - Cloud

Beedrill - Dark Pit

Bisharp - Sheik

Braixen - Lucario

Captain Toad - Dr. Mario

Chandelure - R.O.B

Chesnaught - Bowser

Decidueye - Pit

Deoxys - Shulk

Diancie - Rosalina

Dr. Eggman - Ganondorf

Farfetch'd - Villager

Gallade - Roy

Genesect - Samus

Golduck - Falco

Heracross - Dr. Mario

Hoopa - Ness

Lana - Zelda

Marowak - Toon Link

Mew - Lucas

Ninjask - Meta Knight

Scrafty - Luigi

Scyther - Cloud

Sneasel - Fox

Weiss - Marth

More nameplates added update 6:

Bandana Dee - Kirby

Beerus - Lucario

Billy Hatcher - Luigi

Blanc - Ike

Boxer Donkey Kong - DK

Concept Art Meta Knight - Meta Knight

Cordelia - Lucina

Delphox - Palutena

Fighting Polygon - Mario

Fighting Polygon Team - Mario

Fighting Polygon Team Captain Falcon - Captain Falcon

Fighting Polygon Team Jigglypuff - Jigglypuff

Fighting Polygon Team Kirby - Kirby

Fighting Polygon Team Mario - Mario

Fighting Wire Frame - Zelda

Ghost Rider - Captain Falcon

Groudon - Bowser

Hector - Ike

Hoodie Donkey Kong - DK

Inkling - Fox

Juane - Link

Malon - Zelda

Melee Peach - Peach

Melee Roy - Roy

Meloetta - Rosalina

Nora - Ike

Possessed Zelda - Zelda

Ren - Falco

Ruby - Dark Pit

Saria - Zelda

Tetra - Toon Link

Tharja - Lucina

Weavile - Fox

Yugi - Robin

Zoroark - Lucario

More nameplates added update 7:

Blue Alloy - Zelda

Cherche - Lucina

Crystal King - Dedede

Gogeta - Ryu

Haseo - Sheik

Red Alloy - Captain Falcon

Super Meat Boy - Jigglypuff

Vegito - Captain Falcon

Yellow Alloy - Mario

More nameplates added update 8:

Ace - Captain Falcon

Aya - Palutena

Baby Luigi - Ness

Dimentio - Ness

Infinite - Sonic

Jeff - Ness

Jet - Sonic

Jotaro - Captain Falcon

King D-Mind - King Dedede

Metal Head - Donkey Kong

Min Min - Little Mac

Peridot - Samus

Phantom - Toon link

Purah - Bowser Jr

Pyrrha - Palutena

Samurai Jack - Marth

Zavok - Bowser

More nameplates added update 9:

Brook - Marth

Dr. Luigi - Luigi

John Egbert - Jigglypuff

Minior - Jigglypuff

Nick - Robin

Zael - Marth

More nameplates added update 10:

Crono - Cloud

Giga bowser - bowser

Giga mac - little mac

loftwing - falco

Majin - Mario

Miku-Chan - zss

Owain - Marth

??? - Robin

Rin-Chan - villager

Tohru - Corrin

More nameplates added update 11:

Mega Charizard Y - Charizard

Midna - Palutena

Nagito - Captain Falcon

More nameplates added update 12:

02 Kirby - Metaknight

DanTDM - Toonlink

Goku black - Ryu

Living Cringe - Toonlink

Overworld Cloud - Cloud

Peacock - Villager

The Doctor - Dr. Mario

Ty - Toonlink

Wafu - Greninja

Zero - Duck hunt

Other pack added:

Captain America
Cosmic Clone
Dat Boi
Gold Mario
Green Bronze Luigi
Iron Man
Metal Luigi
Mighty NO.9
Mii Brawler
Mii Gunner
Mii Swordfighter
Shopping Cart
Skull Kid
son goku
Super diddy
Super Kong
Wuhu Island
Zack Fair
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    Sir Lancelot please
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  • Could you do one for the veterans missing? So far Ice Climber and Wolf are on their respective mod, and you made a pichu and snake one, but what about young link over toon link? Squirtle over pikachu? Ivysaur for duck hunt? If you don't want to create all of them at least put young link, thanks and I hope you read this
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    I'm requesting a nameplate for "Phosphora" for this mod:
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    I'd like to request a nameplate for "The Doctor" for this mod:
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    Could you please make a Goku Black nameplate? what's up?
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    Could we get a Wafu nameplate for Greninja? I made the Wafu skin, but idk how to make nameplates (and I don't have a computer for awhile)
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    So much choices... how about Peacock Villager, Overworld Cloud and Living Cringe (or DanTDM Toon Link), good sir?
    Providing context since 2014
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    Could you please make a Tohru nameplate for Corrin and a Crono nameplate for Cloud and an Owain Nameplate for Marth? Also could you make a ??? nameplate for Robin and Shulk? I tried to make them myself and it came up as nothing more then glitchy static. Sorry. . . 
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    Sorry, if this is too much to ask, but could you make a Miku-Chan, Rin-Chan, ???, Giga Bowser, & Giga Mac nameplate, please...?
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    Since Large Leader might be doing the Black Knight over Ike and/or Ganondorf, can you make a Black Knight nameplate over both those characters?
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