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Raycal97's Nameplate Pack v. 1.9 - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)


Version 1.9 4y
  • Addition Flygon Nameplate
  • Addition Green Heart Nameplate
  • Addition Gengar Nameplate
  • Addition Minor Nameplate
  • Addition Purple Heart Nameplate
  • Addition Illuminati Nameplate
  • Addition Peridot Nameplate
  • Addition Lilac Nameplate
  • Addition Meme-Chan Nameplate
  • Adjustment Mario Maker Nameplate
  • Adjustment Armored Trainer Nameplate
  • Optimization Opoona Nameplates
  • Optimization Tiara Nameplate
  • Adjustment Meme-Chan Nameplate
Version 1.8 4y Addition11 Adjustment2 Version 1.7 4y Addition5 Version 1.6 4y Addition13 Version 1.5 4y Addition6
Welcome to Raycal97's Nameplate Pack. I made these pack for my personal use because I wanted every custom character to have a nameplate, so i decided to share these with you! I also accept  requests from other bananites!I hope that you like my work like i love this game!

                             I hope that you like my works!


Bayonetta: Jeanne.

Bowser: Zavok, Robbie Rotten.

Bowser Jr.: Purah.

Captain Falcon: Scizor, The World.

Charizard: Mega Charizard X (Three Versions), Flygon.

Dark Pit: Tiara.

Diddy Kong: Mankey.

Donkey Kong: Wigglytuff, Wigglytough, Diaboromon, Boxer Kong (two versions).

Duck Hunt: Courage - The cowardly Dog, Donald & Goofy.

Ganondorf: All Might, Shrek, Toad Destroyer.

Greninja: Froppy, Tsuyu Asui.

Ike: Siegfried, Blanc.

Jigglypuff: Goombella, Marill, Rabbid Puff, Minior, Gengar.

Kirby: Goomba.

Link: Zombie (Minecraft).

Little Mac: Geodude.

Lucario: Kid Buu.

Lucas: Star Butterfly, Goemon. 

Lucina: Bunny Lucina, Purple Heart.

Luigi: Dr. Luigi, Glover.

Mario: Mario Odyssey, Mario 64, Mario Maker, NES Mario.

Marth: Brook, Samurai Jack (Fixed), Queen Sectonia, Squall Leonheart, Zael.

Meta Knight: Concept Meta Knight (two versions).

Mew Two: Kadabra.

Mr. Game & Watch: Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Paper Wario, Paper Waluigi.

Ness: Michael P.

Olimar: Opoona (two versions), Louie.

Palutena: Agnes.

Peach: Peach (Bayonetta style)

Pikachu: Minun, Pluslie, Mimikyu.

Rob: Illuminati.

Robin/Reflet/Daraen: Nick, Edward Erlic.

Rosalina: Primarina, Lillie.

Samus: Mega Man Volnutt, Peridot.

Shulk: Ellis.

Sonic: Lilac.

Villager: General Guy, Scoot, Baby Rosalina, Chopper.

Wii fit Trainer: Soccer Trainer, Armored Trainer.

Yoshi: Yooka - Laylee, Chocobo.

Zelda: Nico Robin.

Zero Suit Samus: Blake Belladonna, Meme-Chan (fixed).


2.1. FORM:

Nameplate Name:  [Ex: Dixie Kong]

Skin of:                     [Ex: Diddie Kong]

Font (optional):       [Ex: Donkey Kong Font]

Donation Points (optional):

Copy this form and leave a comment with your requests.

If you give me points i will credit you on this post.

Max 5 requests per time.


Video tutorial at min. 6:05 here.


If you like my works, I do not just ask much, please leave a thank, a rate and subscribe, i need it.


Mr.L The Green Thunder !






Yah Boi.


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    Nameplate Name:  [Decidueye]

    Skin of:                     [Falco]

    Font (optional):       [Pokemon logo font or Sun and Moon font]
    Overly Dedicated to Marie
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  • _____________________________________________
    Nameplate Name:  Jigglypool

    Skin of:                     Jigglypuff

    Font (optional):       Something deadpool/jigglypuff

    Donation Points (optional): 10
    ModPack Builder
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  • Rabbid Puff isn't in your collection and you said it was. 
    ModPack Builder
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  • Naruto [for Ryu] and Rock Lee [for Captain Falcon] please!!!!! (unique not sm4sh font)

    Love this nameplate pack!
    "All too easy."
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    Nameplate Name:  [Black Mage]

    Skin of:                      [Robin/Reflet]

    Font (optional):       [Final Fantasy]
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    Nameplate: Moe Szyslak

    Skin of: Shulk

    Font: Simpsons
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    fucking bnuuy
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    Nameplate Name: [Alm]

    Skin of: [Roy]

    Font (optional): [Fire Emblem]
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    Nameplate Name: [Ultimate Cloud]

    Skin of: [Cloud]

    Font (optional): [Final Fantasy]

    Nameplate Name: [Hunter Shulk]

    Skin of: [Shulk]

    Font (optional): [Xeno Blade Chronicles]
    Yah Boi
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    Hi there! I wanted to know if you could maybe make a nameplate for Doc Louis (with the "Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!" logo, if you don't mind me asking).

    Also, I've been looking basically everywhere for the Star Butterfly nameplate I requested a while ago, but I can't seem to find it... Where did you put it?

    (PS: Thanks again for the Star nameplate btw, and if you can make this Doc Louis nameplate, thank you so much!)
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    I'm bored...
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