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Cyber Sensation [FunkJam] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


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Cyber Sensation

If you are triggered by depression/stress, then DO NOT play this mod! 

Story: The story about a programmer hoping for success stumbles upon a piece of code that allows game characters to interact with her world. When testing the code, she finds Boyfriend that came out of the portal from her code. They decided to rap battle to pass the time til she finds a piece of code that works.
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  • not spoiling the mod, 8\10. boosted my motivation 
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    1d 1d
    This mod is pretty good, however it seems the extension-webm.ndll that ships with it is bugged and doesn't seem to always work, a fix is to grab extension-webm.ndll from a mod with a working extension-webm.ndll(Like VS Impostor) and replace the one from this mod with that. If done correctly, cutscenes should stop crashing.
    A Banana Just Like You
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  • IF YOU DIDN'T PLAY THIS MOD SCROLL AWAY, or you want spoilers\\

    I love the way you go into last hope it's just perfect the game forces itself to crash a window opens that says come back when you're ready. AND WHEN YOU OPEN THE GAME YOU GET SENT TO THE 3RD SONG WITH NO MENUS AND THAT'S EPIC.
    Okay mod scale:
    Difficulty 8/10 it feels easy at first but then Last Hope i love the mechanics of it
    Gameplay 10/10 does this need a explanation
    Accessibility: 7/10 Computers without HTML5 exist but that 
    dosen't bother me, but my friend can't play Cyber Sensation
    Charting: 10/10 i've got no complains
    Overall: 9,5/10 Godly mod
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    Jeez, these people think the word "cringe" still exists. If something makes someone happy, and isn't harming anyone, why they can't do it? Btw, English ISN'T Taeyai's first language..are we forced to speak a perfect American accent now?

    Anyways, this mod is cool, and I think Taeyaki did a good job here. I just have a little question...why exactly Girlfriend x Pico?
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  • The mod is... I would rather say it's not bad but also not good.
    It's amazing in the chart and originality department, but it lacks accessibility. The fact that HTML5 is required in order to access story mode is a main complaint of many people.
    The chart is also really simple, and it's just difficult because of the swapping. I mean, a mod isn't a mod without difficulty, right? 
    Graphics: 9/10
    Chart: 7/10
    Accessibility: 5/10, because of HTML5.
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    the charteres and back round wont load in im on windows 10 

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  • Mod was amazing, just to think all of this done in just a week is honestly astonishing. Keep it up with the amazing work!
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    Omg guys they made Gman from half-life but genderswap
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    this mod, the ending, the menus, the ui, the STORY, just an amazing mod, keep up the good work!
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    what a good mod, dont worry about the haters, every thing have haters, just continue with the good job, its pretty cool
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