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Naked Snake (color swap) - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Version 2: Better Textures and UI Elements 4mo
  • Overhaul Version 2
I improved some of the textures to better emulate the feel Naked Snake, plus overhauled the UI elements to fit the game seamlessly. 

Another project of mine as a thanks to the people who has supported my work so far. Enjoy!

Commence Operation Snake Eater

Since I've been having a lot of trouble rigging the actual MGS3 Fatigues into Snake, this is a hold over until I'm finished with it. I kinda like this a lot and working on it teached me a lot about texturing and the flexibility of it, as well as some asymmetric texturing on base Snake.
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    Space_Dude Joined 5mo ago
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    This is still pretty cool too! Considering this is how Naked Snake appeared before he put on the eye patch.
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    Androp Joined 9mo ago
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    he's not naked
    But for real though, this is great. I like how you changed the series emblem as well (at least in the pictures).
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