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Byakuren Hijiri (Touhou 12: UFO) CMC+ v7 - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


The Great Sealed Monk, Byakuren Hijiri, will show you the law of Dharma!

Byakuren is a magician that excels in physical magic. Due to this, many of her moves have exceptional power, with the downside of them being finnicky to hit or hard to set up.

Her "main mechanic" is her A+B move, which makes her chant up to 5 "skill orbs" that rotate around her. While these skill orbs are active, her specials (except up special) will become different, but using a changed special will consume one orb.

Neutral Special: Vidudahba Sword / Hanuman Dance - Byakuren throws a double-sided energy sword straight forward. If used in the air, she throws it downwards instead. If used with a skill orb, Byakuren will rush forward with 3 blade strikes.

Side Special: Skanda / Monk Rider - Byakuren dashes forward. Anyone within her reach gets hit multiple times and then gets sent off. If used with a skill orb, Byakuren pulls out a fucking bike and rams people with it. Yes, a bike.

Down Special: Virupaska / Durga Soul - Byakuren dispells a charge of energy around her that stuns enemies. If used with a skill orb, the move changes into a very strong lunging attack with a slow, but armored start up.

Up Special: doesnt have a name idk lol - Byakuren rides on top of her sutra scroll to go up. This move does not get changed with skill orbs.

Final Smash: Angiras Vedas - Byakuren forms a "butterfly" pattern behind her and shoots 4 lasers. The front lasers shoot straight out while the ones behind shoot at an angle.

fun fact i made this for cake (aka porkybmo's) birthday but didnt finish it in time so heres a delayed birthday gift lol (love you)

now excuse me as i have to go back to playing animal crossing: new leaf on my nintendo 3ds.