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Dating Night Funkin' - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Fix Bob and bosip Background Character 2mo
  • Overhaul Fix BG Character not walk on B&B Stage

Everyone Dating

Everyone Dating Now!


The Date Week - 
Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses - Deleted. 
Salty's Sunday Night - 
Vs Bob - 
OpheeBob - 
Ex-GF Over Mom - 
V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend - 
VS Annie OC Week - 
Smoke 'Em Out Struggle VS Garcello - 
VS Sunday Remastered - 
Cosmo Calamity VS. Yukichi - 
VS Impostor V2 - 
Shaggy x Matt - 
VS Bob and Bosip - 
Starlight Mayhem VS CJ - 
Hatsune Miku Full Week - 
VS Hex - 
Monika Full Week Rebooted - 
Date with GF -

HD Monika:

HD Week6 :

Standing GF :
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  • pas9 avatar
    pas9 Joined 1mo ago
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    4 medals 1 legendary
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    Annie x Garcello: Cursed
    Zardy x Tricky: Cursed
    Sarv x Ruv: Good
    Carol x Whitty: Good
    Opheebop x Bob: Good
    CJ x Ruby: Cursed (ruby already has a boyfriend named Mark)
    MM x DD: Good
    Monika x Senpai: Good if Senpai is Y/N and bad if it’s the actual characters
    BF x GF: Good
    Ayana x Tabi: Undecided
    Shaggy x Matt: Cursed
    Yukichi x Impostor: who in the actual fuck thought of this
    Sunday x Selever: Cursed
    Bob x Bosip: Good
    Miku x Hex: Cursed (hex is her fan, not her lover)

    fuck you moldy
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  • ArthurTheHuman_ avatar
    ArthurTheHuman_ username pic Joined 3mo ago
    224 points Ranked 64,373rd
    It's so beautiful to see all these characters to sing with their friends and beloved ones. I rlly loved the mod
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  • birbybirdbirby avatar
    birbybirdbirby Joined 7mo ago
    181 points Ranked 69,282nd
    sometimes when i play heartbass on the playable turn it plays the miss sound (this is on botplay so it shouldn't miss)
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  • i have a 4GB Ram, is it enough to play the mod? (also a good cpu)
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  • Martes13 avatar
    Martes13 Joined 3mo ago
    149 points Ranked 74,975th
    You probably should put Atsuover in the credits, because she created the song of this mod.

    nice mod, by the way :)
    It's Spookymonth!!
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  • Netify avatar
    Netify Joined 2mo ago
    290 points Ranked 59,180th
    so if friday night funkin is fnf then this is dnf
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  • Nice mod but why  selever x sunday ship exits?

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  • newintown avatar
    newintown Joined 5mo ago
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    why does garcello date with it's creator?
    Bananite more like newinnite avatar
    Bananite more like newinnite
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  • cool!
    si potaxio fuera cantada por avatar
    si potaxio fuera cantada por
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  • jdd avatar
    jdd Joined 2mo ago
    there are some glaring problems with this mod really.

    like how it takes about a minute just for the song to start again and load even if you just simply restart the level. not to mention the fact that you say the mod lagging is my computer even though it runs stuff like the tricky and sonic .exe mods just find and without trouble. i doubt it's really my fault because ive never experienced such lag in a mod before to the point where i miss notes because the game has yet to even show the new characters on screen.

    not to mention the fact that a lot of these ships dont even make sense, but that's not really something i care about. i feel like if you went out of your way to get permission to use all these mods and sprites then you should've been more creative with it. 

    it's not bad for a first mod or something and i definitely think it could've been worse, but i dont think that necessarily excuses my dislikes about this. unique mod since this is the most characters i've seen in one mod before, but that's really about the only positive i have for this.
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