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Bikini Bottom Funkin' | Starring Patrick - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Funkin' Under The Sea!

Yeah is this happening? ITS HAPPENING!

Bikini Bottom Funkin' is of course, A SPONGEBOB MOD, bf and gf somehow end up in bikini bottom and meet patrick, of course they meet him first...and it goes along...different characters...different songs..maybe multiple weeks? We will see once its out.

This mod contains..
- 1 Full Week (Possibly another coming, we will see.)
- 3 New Characters
- 3 Songs + Bonus Song
And more..

Other Things
All the music for the mod is distributed on spotify, youtube music, don't be afraid to look there!

You USED to be able to make mods about this mod. Although now, I have had the mod added to the Ban List of FNF Mods. This is too prevent anyone from being allowed to use assets from this mod, make mods about it, ports, etc. If you really need to do something with the mod THAT BAD.. be willing to contact me, but I won't promise you I'll say yes. Thanks for reading this short message about making mods about this mod, it'll be very much appreciated if you follow these rules I've setup! The mod will stay public though. 

This mod was brought to you by Friday Night Epic Gamin', hope you enjoy!


All songs are on my channel~!