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Mii Funkin: Vs. eteled [FULL WEEK] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


v1.1.2 1mo
  • Addition FLA Files in alternative files tab
Thanks for a 100k downloads! we finally released the FLA files on the download tab below, enjoy!
V1.1.1 2mo Adjustment BugFix2 V1.1.0 2mo Addition3 BugFix2

Get Funky inside of a Wii with a totally friendly Mii

Meet eteled, he is not your average Mii... he holds some dark, dark secrets..

Challenge eteled from the popular Wii Deleted you (Link) creepypasta on this mod!

Mod includes:

- Full custom week and Bonus songs!
- Voice acted cutscenes and illustrations!
- Slick Wii inspired UI!
- Built in Kade engine!
- a good ol' friendly Mii called eteled :)

Listen to the Soundtrack here!

This project wouldn't have been possible without my amazing teammates!!!

- ash (Coder)
- AnthemOverload (Musician)
- Cerbera (Charter)
- KiwiBurd (Writer and video editor)
- c0rruptzie (Writer)
- http_Aiden (Writer)
- IceyPie (Writer and Creator of WDY)
- VOLTERGEIST (Art help)
- AmorAltra (Art help)
- MaliciousBunny (Effects help)
- Cougar MacDowall (VA Provider)
- And me! (Director and Animator)
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  • setbkserena avatar
    setbkserena Joined 2mo ago
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    dream of peace is one of the best songs ive literally ever heard in a fnf mod. good funkin job.
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  • RudyTheNinja avatar
    RudyTheNinja Joined 7mo ago
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    I had no idea about this creepypasta!!
    Chat explained bits of it and it sounds insane!!
    With the whole Mii's getting murdered n stuff
    That's crazy!!

    I plae de gaems n do de tings avatar
    I plae de gaems n do de tings
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  • amazing mod with great music and a pretty cool secret character! my only real issue with it is that i can't find a way to have my game not lag when loading the separate background and eteled sprites for the slow bit of diagraphephobia, but that's probably my computer and not the mod. still, it'd be nice to have a version where i can actually fc diagraphephobia instead of it being literally impossible. ah well, still a great mod anyway,
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  • Roger pro45 avatar
    Roger pro45 Joined 4mo ago
    310 points Ranked 57,925th
    wow you are the creator of starlyght myhem?
    un roger avatar
    un roger
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  • lyqulz avatar
    lyqulz Joined 23d ago
    diagraphephobia has to be my fav song in the mod the rest are good tho
    Bananite avatar
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  • so cool but so laggy at post mortal like bruh 5fps? :(
    red sus
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  • Hamer avatar
    Hamer Joined 3mo ago
    veryy good mod bro
    i really like it

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  • Sacky Boi avatar
    Sacky Boi Joined 26d ago
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    I think this might be one of my favorite mods! I absolutely ADORE dream of peace!
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  • LiamHadTacos avatar
    LiamHadTacos Joined 5mo ago
    153 points Ranked 74,267th
    is there.. a way for the soundfonts?
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  • yo how do i remove the glitch effects from the songs? would rather play without it

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