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Whitty Remixed QOL Update + Body Parts + BF FLA - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Quality of Life Update 9d
  • Addition Added Remixed Designs for BF, GF, and Whitty
  • Addition Added Pico and Carol's sprite sheets in the files
  • Addition Added New Charts for Lo-Fight, Overhead, and Ballistic (HARD MODE ONLY) (Thanks Tyler)
  • Addition New Dialogue (Please read the entirety of Ballistic's dialogue)
  • Improvement Added Updated Remixes to Overhead and Ballistic
  • Overhaul Moved Old Ballistic Remix and Charts to Old Ballistic
  • Addition Added Body Parts Folder (and BF FLA)
  • Improvement BF is no longer blurry (Thanks Huisti)
  • Addition New Freaky Menu Theme
  • Addition Added Artworks Folder
  • Addition Added Random Screenshots Folder
  • Addition Added a Folder for Vibe Remixed and Carol Roll Remixed (Two upcoming remixes for the final update)
  • Addition Added Scrapped Character Art Folder
  • Tweak Updated Icon Grid fsr
Welp. Here we are. The 2ND final update to Whitty Remixed. I got tired of waiting for the actual final build so I'm putting stuff out now.
Note: There's a PSA message from me in Ballistic's dialogue. I really wish for you to read it in its entirety so you'll know FULLY what's gonna happen to this mod.

Another note: You guys can use the sprites, body parts, BF's .fla file for ANYTHING! Literally ANYTHING! I just ask for credit for the entire team. 

Final note: This is NOT in Kade Engine 1.5.4 yet. That'll be for the final update. Our coder hasn't shown us any regulating progress so we don't know how close we are to releasing the final build. We hope it's close to done but ya can't rush coding.

That's it. Hope you enjoy this Quality of Life Whitty Remixed update.
Web Browser Update 2mo Addition

Bomberman but worse lol

I'm 15, I make dumb music and garbage art. 

PLEASE NOTE: This full week mod does NOT intend to be better than OG Vs. Whitty. It sucked that his mod is no longer downloadable but that's why I'm here making all of this. Him leaving the FNF scene (sorta) gives me an even bigger reason to create this. This is a MASSIVE tribute to Nate Anim8 and his team. 

Note 2: You can use the sprites, music, etc. in ANY WAY YOU WANT! I LITERALLY DON'T CARE LOL! Just give credit to me.

Note 3: If you recorded and/or live stream this mod, please let me know. I'd love to see you guys play it and giving your honest feedback. So make sure to link your video in the comments.

As it now stands, OG Vs. Whitty can no longer be downloaded on Gamebanana, but we can still make mods for him. Now that I know how to compose music, I can finally put this plan I've had for the past month into action.

There will be these new things.

-Kool-Aid Jammer Slammer remixes that you may or may not like
-New charting that I've done
-An entirely new story and new dialogue all written by me
-New art that you can have as a wallpaper (Will make a phone version soon.)

Basically all I'm saying is pretty much EVERYTHING IN VS. WHITTY WILL BE CHANGED and they're all done on an old ass Android phone lol. Yes, even the music. I'm doing literally everything besides some of the testing.Some of that'll be done by dumbass McGee right here. (XxBrandonFirexX)
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