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FNF with extra key support - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


V2 beta 0.2 4d
  • Overhaul Chart editor overhaul (can now see characters singing as the song plays, added a draw mode by holding z, hold x for deleting instead, gf now has her own chart (the 4 notes on the left), also added a note cleanup button which gets rid of stacked notes)
  • Addition Custom stage support (going to start on a wiki page for the github, i havent added a guide yet)
  • Addition Added Gamepad support (currently only for player 1, not set up for multiplayer rn)
  • Addition added categories to the options menu
  • Adjustment can now access options menu and botplay in the pause menu
  • Addition added a couple new options (casual mode, speed scaling with amount of keys, and camera movements when hitting a note(literally everyone does this now lol))
  • Adjustment instead of music looping in the main menu, it now randomly picks an instrumental from the song list
  • Addition added a big debug menu (press 7 on the main menu, here you can pick a character, stage, song and difficulty, and access the character debug, stage debug, chart editor and a note type offset menu)
  • BugFix general bug fixes, thanks to everyone helping to find bugs (also might disable 1,2 and 3k temporally due to them causing crashes)
  • Addition Added 2 new note types (poison and health drain notes, literally just fire note recolors lol)
I've been busy lol
V2 beta 0.1 16d Addition v1.5.2 22d BugFix V1.5 1mo Addition8 Removal Adjustment Improvement3 BugFix3 V1.4 2mo Overhaul2 Removal Addition4 BugFix2

thats a lot of keys

NEW VERSION: new engine, has most of the stuff from the kade engine version, but some new features are:
- Local Multiplayer
- Note Customization
- basic custom character, stage and song support
- new options menu, with a much easier to understand keybind menu
- Note specific speed and velocity changes
- probably some other stuff i forgot

(also might have added compatibility for god mode final destination :troll:)

YOU NEED TO HOLD SHIFT + 7 TO ENTER CHART EDITOR i forgot to mention this sorry (its so you dont miss press it on multiplayer)

Kade engine version:
This mod adds support for 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 keys (also 1,2 and 3 key lol) to Kade engine 1.5.4 using the extra key code from the V.S Shaggy mod:
Credit goes to srPerez for most of this, I just tweaked the code and fixed bugs to make it work properly.

It includes recharts of weeks 1 ,2 ,3, 4 and 6 for showcasing the extra keys working in game. (the recharts aren't anything special so don't complain if they're bad)

Custom keybind support:
1 key: Middle
2 key: Left and Right
3 key: Left, Middle, and right
5 key: 4k controls + Middle
7 key: 6k controls + Middle
8 key: 9k controls without Middle

How to change amount of keys:
Go into the chart editor (press 7).
Go to the note tab.
Tick the box with the number next to it for the amount of keys you want.

Some extra stuff in the mod: (Technical stuff)
Different Note Types already set up and working, and uses assets made by me. they can be placed in the chart editor by going to the note tab, and pressing the button to change the note type, then all notes placed will be that note type and show a number next to them.
(you can also make cursed long notes, and pixel versions of each note type are included) 

The mod also fixes a bunch of stuff from KE 1.5.4 and adds a bunch of features from KE 1.6.

Modcharts do work! 
I might however need to add a way to see the mania (value for amount of keys) though the modchart so different difficulties with different key amounts can be done. (I'm not super experienced with modcharts so idk)

Feel free to use this for your own mods, you don't need permission or anything, just make sure you credit.

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