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HD UI for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona - A Mod for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (PSP).

Updates the UI and textures for Persona (PSP)

This mod is a port of a post made by Ryuubu on the PPSSPP forums; adding and upscaling a lot of the UI elements of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona.

1. Elements Modified

- All Fonts
- Most UI elements
- Persona cards
- Title Screen
- Playable Character Portraits
- NPC Portraits
- Outdoor Maps
- Battle UI
- Ending Credits
- Ending Images
- Movie Previews
- Casino Game UIs

Unmodified/Work in Progress

- General UI fonts (update to be closer to original)
- Misc. Fixes

2. Installation

Modding in these textures is actually quite easy.

First, open your .iso of Persona in the PPSSPP emulator,
Then, head back to the menu, and create a "game config" by right clicking on the game, and then clicking "Create Game Config"

Next, click on "Game Settings," heading to
"Tools," then, "Developer tools,"
Scroll down and check the box called "Replace Textures"

From there; go into the files of your PPSSPP emulator; head to your "memstick" folder, and then "PSP."

Find a folder named "TEXTURES," if there isn't one; create it.
Inside that folder, create another new folder named "ULUS10432"
Drop the mod's files inside that folder, and then play your game!

3. Additional Features

Included in the download are three alternative modifications;

One turns the portraits into the "Revelations: Persona (1996)" versions.

The second turns the portraits of the main characters into the official art variants, so no upscaling artifacts appear.

The last one replaces the font in the game with something more akin to the original.

To use these, simply replace the files found in the version you want with the ones in the parent folder; for example-- if you want the Revelations portraits, take the files from the "USA-Localized" folder, and drop them into the parent folder; "Portraits," overwriting what is already there.


4. Notes

Just as before; I have received permission from Ryuubu, the original creator of the mod to port this to Gamebanana. On top of this; I worked on fixing a few things found within the mod. (Some folders were misnamed, and for some reason, some of the portraits had the wrong names)

The original post can be found here.

That aside, the mod is just about completely finished.

If there are any issues you find with the mod, be sure to comment down below; and I will look into it.

5. Version Guide

Version 3.33 - Newest version, completely up to date. (Oct. 8, 2021)
Version 3.3 - Older, legacy version; includes a few typos. (Jul 31, 2021)

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    I followed the installation guide but it does not work. The game runs with its original textures. The version of the emulator is 1.13.1 for Android, if that helps. Idk what Im doing wrong.
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    Hiya. Popping in here to say that Revelations Masao (File: MasaoEndPic.png) uses his unlocalized, lighter-skinned counterpart's hand. Are you aware of this issue? I pay attention to minor details, and my eyes immediately focused on that. Thank you for the mod, I'm quite enjoying HQ stuff!
    da cullumns
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