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Maginage Matches [Full Week] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


1.0.2 3mo
  • Feature You can now skip cutscenes entirely instead of just mashing the buttons
  • Refactor Cutscenes have been slightly reworked
  • Refactor Updated some of the Discord stuff
  • Tweak Changed Abby's offset a bit
  • Tweak Updated note rating assets
Thanks for the support you've been giving the mod! We still have some more stuff we're going to add and update in the future, but for now here's a small update for the mod. If you happen to have any issues or bugs, you can report them in the issues section and I'll be sure to look into them.

Things don’t go as planned at Maginage Academy…

Back in Boyfriend’s High School days, where he was just known as "Boy", is when he first developed feelings for Girlfriend. Wanting to impress her, he decides to challenge a student named Tac to a rap battle. Suddenly, Tac’s friends show up to the scene, causing things to go off track…

This Mod Features:
  • A New Week.
  • Three New Characters.
  • Three Playable Songs with Charts For All Difficulties.
  • Visual Novel Style Cutscenes.
  • And More…

Full Credits:
Fran B. - Director, Cutscene Artist, Creator of the Characters, Charter.
Savisa_Art - Rough Animator.
LiterallyNick - Animator, Cleanup Artist, Lucian’s Voice.
Skedacho - Programmer, Sprite Assistant.
Eden - "Tic-Tac-Foe" and "Hit N' Strike's" Instrumental (Collaborated with LiterallyNick).
Vero - "Tic-Tac-Foe" and "Hit N Strike's" Vocals, Cutscene Music, Menu Music.
Mocha - "Acrimony" (Collaborated with Vero), Abby’s Voice.
JADS - "Tic-Tac-Foe's" Vocals Outline and Pause Menu Music.
Jamie - Tac’s Voice, Moral Support.
Kristina C. - Moral Support.

Character cameos and their creators:
Alpine- Wickinzstudied
Jack- Wickinztudied,
Clyde- bouncyboba
Carol- bbpanzu
Pedro- ftdozi
Cherry- KarlaAnimatesYT
Annie- Atsuover
Honey- Reeserocket
Mika- mutedbluetoon
Randall- popgoez
Caden- Yo Jared Here
Bea- beaceful_ashell 
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  • Letter G? avatar
    Letter G? Joined 3mo ago
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    An FNF mod as phenomenal as this one only comes once in a blue moon.
    (insert mantra here)
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    Here is a video on this fantastic mod (I had a blast with the mod hope to see more :D), thank you so much if you check it out means a lot. Enjoy :D

    And if you are interested here is my one-handed perfect combo run of week 5 on hard :D
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  • RudyTheNinja avatar
    RudyTheNinja Joined 7mo ago
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    Wow, this mod is so well made
    So much detail in so many backgrounds!!

    The rich get richer avatar
    The rich get richer
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    Neatpiano Joined 4mo ago
    Probs at school
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    *slowly takes a loud sip of fanta*
    fnaf modder daddy
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  • Glim avatar
    Glim Joined 4mo ago
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    When you lose : BF BALLZ
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    This is one of the best mods that i ever played, finally a mod that love BF x GF, FINALLY!

    Tnanks for making this mod.
    Sussy Baka Kris
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  • The game is pretty cool and i like the story, pls continue it, and i want to say something too. When Lucian presses "Up" (the second sprite) moves only the head and that makes me feel strange...
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  • dkev avatar
    dkev Joined 4mo ago
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    3mo 2mo
    I hope this gets updates
    • Agree x 1
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  • 3rd song was nuts. Hope there's a part 2, and maybe an idea, since this is prior to BF & GF dating, this means that Tabi and GF have already been together, so maybe some post drama and quick revenge would be hype. Just an idea, mod is dope either way!
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  • just incredible 
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