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Maginage Matches [Full Week] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Things don’t go as planned at Maginage Academy…

Back in Boyfriend’s High School days, where he was just known as "Boy", is when he first developed feelings for Girlfriend. Wanting to impress her, he decides to challenge a student named Tac to a rap battle. Suddenly, Tac’s friends show up to the scene, causing things to go off track…

This Mod Features:
  • A New Week.
  • Three New Characters.
  • Three Playable Songs with Charts For All Difficulties.
  • Visual Novel Style Cutscenes.
  • And More…

Full Credits:
Fran B. - Director, Cutscene Artist, Creator of the Characters, Charter.
Savisa_Art - Rough Animator.
Skedacho - Programmer, Sprite Assistant.
Eden - "Tic-Tac-Foe" and "Hit N' Strike's" Instrumental.
Vero - "Tic-Tac-Foe" and "Hit N Strike's" Vocals, Cutscene Music, Menu Music.
Mocha - "Acrimony" (Collaborated with Vero), Abby’s Voice.
JADS - "Tic-Tac-Foe's" Vocals Outline and Pause Menu Music.
Jamie - Tac’s Voice, Moral Support.
Kristina C. - Moral Support.

Character cameos and their creators:
Alpine- Wickenztudied
Jack- Wickinztudied,
Clyde- bouncyboba
Carol- bbpanzu
Pedro- ftdozi
Cherry- KarlaAnimatesYT
Annie- Atsuover
Honey- Reeserocket
Mika- mutedbluetoon
Randall- popgoez
Caden- Yo Jared Here
Anastasia- sparkle_dog23
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