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Trouble Double V.S. Emma & Cuackbert Full Week - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


1.1 4mo
  • Removal Removed the notes splash animation
  • Addition Added another easter egg in the files
  • BugFix Fixed a bug where Haxe signs appear

Funkin' on a friday with a funky couple

You go out shopping in a mall with your girlfriend, it's been weeks since you've had a rap battle, so you and your girlfriend decide to annoy someone into singing with you.

But things don't go as planned..
Meet Emma! and her boyfriend, Cuack!
join them in a friendly singing battle that includes:
  • A simple story with dialogue and fully-drawn cutscenes!
  • Cool backgrounds that changes to match the environments of each song!
  • 4 Awesome songs! 
    Shop List
  • A new Gameplay mechanic!
  • Modcharting!
  • Custom Menus!


    Q: Who are these characters??
    A: Some OC'S, nothing new

    Q: Why're you making this mod?
    A: I got inspired by the other cool mods out there, so i thought to myself: "aye, you've tried making dumb mods of the game before, so why not make a high effort one?"
    and i was bored too, honestly

    Q: Is there some backstory for these characters?
    A: Maybe? who knows.

    Q: How old are the characters?
    A: Cuack's 17, Emma's 16
    Note: The creators of these characters are also minors, though they don't share the same ages of their OCS.

    Q: What're their heights?
    A: (This kinda contains BIG spoilers, so you better play the mod first before clicking the spoiler tag) Emma's 5'1. But due to Cuack's weird being, he changes his height constantly. Though his main height is 7'2
    Q: Can i draw fanart of them?
    A: Absolutely!! that'd be really nice and we'd appreciate it c: 

    Q: Are we gonna see more of these characters in the future?
    A: Maybe, we don't know yet if we're gonna expand the mod even more, but they're gonna be main characters in a weekly webcomic! Check it out here: 

    Q: Can i make remixs of the songs / an HD verison / or anything else to the mod?
    A: Sure! 

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!!

    We've added 2 easter eggs in the mod, good luck finding them!! >:)

    but if you had a hard time finding those, i'll list them here with a spoiler tag:

    1- Press "B" in the Week Select menu to see and hear something cool 

    2- If you play on NORMAL or EASY  in the Story Mode, you'll get a Bad Ending, there are 6 quotes for that, good luck getting all of them :)

    So with all of that out of the way, We hope you enjoy our mod! we've put all of our love in this small project, and we hope all of you like it!! 
    Thank you for playing, and have a great day!

    Also, we don't have charts for Normal or Easy, but we lowered the scroll speed
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