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Custom Weapons: Classic - Optional Files - A Mod for Team Fortress 2 Classic

Custom Weapons: Classic - Optional Files

What does this addon do?

This addon enables several optional features while playing on Custom Weapons: Classic (

What is Custom Weapons: Classic?

Custom Weapons: Classic is a mod which adds lots of neat custom weapons. This mod runs on (at the moment not 24/7).

You do not have to download anything to play on this mod - just connect to the server. However, some particular optional features (which are listed in the respective parapgraph) can be enabled via this addon.

Some of the items are demonstrated on the following videos (more on the channel).

How to play Custom Weapons: Classic?

The minimum requirements for Custom Weapons: Classic is just TF2:Classic itself. If you have it, just connect to the server - connect

This addon is optional.

What particular features does this addon enable?

This addon:
  • Enables killfeed icons
  • Enables more appropriate crosshair for a couple of weapons (Mortar and Anti-Aircraft Cannon)
Due to how the game works, those features can be enabled only through manual installation. Remember: those are optional.

A fraction of killfeed icons can be seen on this video:

All killfeed icons can be seen on this picture:

Mortar and Anti-Aircraft Cannon use large Minigun crosshair by default. However, you can enable more appropriate corsshair (as can be seen on picture) via this addon

How to install this addon?

Download the VPK file and put it into Steam/steamapps/sourcemods/tf2classic/custom directory. If you are playing the game during this process - restart the app.


If killfeed icons don't work for you (you see skulls instead of proper icons) - it means you have a conflicting mod with mod_textures.txt within it. Either choose between mods or merge the mod_textures.txt files manually.

If you somehow can't download maps from the server upon the connection, download maps manually.