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Transformation Item Effect Edits - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This mod makes various modifications to the effects that certain items have on fighters. The notable changes are as follows...

In a giant custom smash match, the Super Mushroom now multiplies the fighter's size by 1.7x, instead of 2x. This results in the damage dealt multiplier being reduced to 2.648x (instead of 3.08x), and the fighter is not quite as resistant to knockback.

The Lightning now makes fighters 0.25x their normal size, resulting in them being smaller, and dealing slightly less damage than being affected by a Poison Mushroom. The size reduction also makes the fighters' voice clips higher pitched (1.5x higher than normal), and they are much more vulnerable to high base knockback hitboxes (especially if the hitbox's base knockback is set to 120 or higher), such as the early hit from Incineroar's Alolan Whip. However, in some cases, the Lightning might instead make fighters 2.5x their normal size.

When fighters are under the effects of the Metal Box, their walk speed while using shooting items has been reduced to 0.8x the base value.

The multipliers that are used for the Mushrooms and Lightning have been adjusted a bit. Modifications include the shooting item walk speed, run acceleration, and air friction. Also, the Lightning now affects a fighter's walking attributes, which ensures that it's never possible to see fighters walk faster than they can run.

The Bunny Hood now increases a fighter's shooting item walk speed, while the traction multiplier has been increased to 2x.

And finally, if Riki appears and performs Happy Happy, the speed boosts that players can receive now include the shooting item walk speed attribute. Air friction also gets boosted so that it's consistent with the air speed and air acceleration boosts.

This mod can only be used with ARCropolis, since it uses more memory than what Ultimate Mod Manager can support. Also, I'm not sure if item.prc is affected by software updates, so for now, the mod is set for software version 12.0.0 compatibility.
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    Now is there a way to have specific characters be Metal indefinitely? Like if I was in a 1v1. Can one character be regular and another character be metal the whole match?
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