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V.S.Coby Full Week V1.1 - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Fight for your life against some interdimensional spooky boys!

(WARNING) - !Flashing lights and probably weird song volume levels!

- - -
After having a relatively normal friday, you almost make it to first base with your girl up until - Boom bam bop - a portal rips open between the two of you before you can get to smoochin'! It’s your job to try and rap for your life against a weird other-wordly creature who takes competitive singing just a little too seriously.

With 3 songs, 1 guest song from TheOnlyVolume and another upcoming - You’re bound to have some stuff to do!
- - -
For more Coby lore just check out my google doc, lol.


- Saqzar (Coding literally everything.)
- ExorcistGold (GF’s room concept art)
- Busynest (Drawing the Menu-BG and GF’s room)
- Kadedev (Occasionally letting me speak to him lol)
- Xeltxrx ( - (They boutta drop the hottest track)
- Rozebud & CVal - (Allowed us to use the BF portrait you see in the mod)
- BasednessGod - (First known funker to have beaten vanilla citronella.)
- Aexotic (For being a good motivator and friend.)
- Ray (Man, You already know who you are. Best buds.)
- (For having good samples.)

P.S. I plan on releasing a version 2 of my mod with the rest of the story complete along with the 4 other songs i’ve done myself. My hope is that version 1 will attract some cool people that’ll help me with finishing off version 2. Let’s do this.

Github Sauce -

More boring stuff
What i have to say for Remixes, Recolors, or any real modifications/use of the mod/content within.
1 - Remixes are fine as long as I'm credited for the creation of the original pieces you remixed.
2 - Recolors are fine with me.
3- Any and all forms of art involving my characters are okay as long as I'm credited as the character’s creator.
3.2 - Please send me the fanart you make, It makes me feel warm inside.
3.3 - If somebody makes questionable art of my characters, don’t tell me about it or try to fight against it lmao. Senseless drama over pixels isn’t my thing.
4 - If you’re a roblox game trying to use some of my music - Please just approach me and ask me about it. Any unauthorized uses of my sick jams is just not cool, man.
5 - I won’t take down recharts.
6 - All fansongs have to start with a C or I'm going to explode.