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V.S.Coby Full Week V1.1 - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 1.1 3d
  • Addition Added "Thunderclap" by TheOnlyVolume to freeplay.
  • Adjustment Adjusted citronella chart to be playable by mortals.
  • Improvement Added more stuff to the introtext
Please look into the game files after your first playthrough to access some neat little goodies!

Fight for your life against some interdimensional spooky boys!

(WARNING) - !Flashing lights and probably weird song volume levels!

- - -
After having a relatively normal friday, you almost make it to first base with your girl up until - Boom bam bop - a portal rips open between the two of you before you can get to smoochin'! It’s your job to try and rap for your life against a weird other-wordly creature who takes competitive singing just a little too seriously.

With 3 songs, 1 guest song from TheOnlyVolume and another upcoming - You’re bound to have some stuff to do!
- - -
For more Coby lore just check out my google doc, lol.


- Saqzar (Coding literally everything.)
- ExorcistGold (GF’s room concept art)
- Busynest (Drawing the Menu-BG and GF’s room)
- Kadedev (Occasionally letting me speak to him lol)
- Xeltxrx ( - (They boutta drop the hottest track)
- Rozebud & CVal - (Allowed us to use the BF portrait you see in the mod)
- BasednessGod - (First known funker to have beaten vanilla citronella.)
- Aexotic (For being a good motivator and friend.)
- Ray (Man, You already know who you are. Best buds.)
- (For having good samples.)

P.S. I plan on releasing a version 2 of my mod with the rest of the story complete along with the 4 other songs i’ve done myself. My hope is that version 1 will attract some cool people that’ll help me with finishing off version 2. Let’s do this.

Github Sauce -

More boring stuff
What i have to say for Remixes, Recolors, or any real modifications/use of the mod/content within.
1 - Remixes are fine as long as I'm credited for the creation of the original pieces you remixed.
2 - Recolors are fine with me.
3- Any and all forms of art involving my characters are okay as long as I'm credited as the character’s creator.
3.2 - Please send me the fanart you make, It makes me feel warm inside.
3.3 - If somebody makes questionable art of my characters, don’t tell me about it or try to fight against it lmao. Senseless drama over pixels isn’t my thing.
4 - If you’re a roblox game trying to use some of my music - Please just approach me and ask me about it. Any unauthorized uses of my sick jams is just not cool, man.
5 - I won’t take down recharts.
6 - All fansongs have to start with a C or I'm going to explode.