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Enrichment Center Offices - A Mod for Portal

I really liked the vibe of Aperture's observation halls from the last part of Portal so I figured I should make a map around them. 

In contrast to my previous maps, there's some slight linearity with very light puzzling being required to progress, but as always, feel free to just explore around. 

To install, copy the .BSP in your portal/maps folder, launch the game and type 'map offices' in the console.

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    Hey I just finished playing portal so you uploaded right on time haha
    I played it and:

    Amazing quality!
    It really looks like a valve level ngl.
    It really felt like a little journey.

    The only thing I wished to be different is when you get the portal gun, it feels like youre getting out, theres some progress, but no, you need to go back inside. It was abit anticlimatic, but there are turrets and all so it still seems like youre progressing. I like how at the end the elevator gets brightly lit and dark and you can notice the glowing stuff. Kinda eerie! Nice

    A very minor thing:
    when i walked to find the room with the rocket launcher, and when I placed the portal inside and walked to the glass, i had to walk for quite a bit and found it faster to walk and jump. Cant just use portals to move faster because I already placed one for the rocket. This feeling to go faster through corridors is something which i didnt feel the need to do in the original game. Maybe if you put a hint on where the rocket turret room is so you can

    PS: I took the radio and it started playing and I got startled so i threw it at the fizzler grid haha

    Actual bugs:

    the GLaDOS cameras dont break if you place a portal behind them

    idk why but placing a portal on door which has a hole in it makes bugged portals

    In the chamber where if you open a door a black cube opens up, the doors are nonsolid lol


    But overall it was great! The ambience, the lighting, sounds and all it was valve tier. gg
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