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Enrichment Center Offices - A Mod for Portal.

I really liked the vibe of Aperture's observation halls from the last part of Portal so I figured I should make a map around them. 

In contrast to my previous maps, there's some slight linearity with very light puzzling being required to progress, but as always, feel free to just explore around. 

To install, copy the contents of the  Enrichment Center Offices zip  (A maps and a Materials folder) in your portal folder  (It should also have maps and a Materials folder in there) , launch the game and choose the map from the Bonus Maps option on the main menu.

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    Your maps are very well made man, i'm a fan of exploring such maps myself, it gives me similar ambience vibes as Black Mesa maps :D
    Will you make more of those in future (maybe something similar for Portal 2 with its offices and receptions)?

    Also, i have one small suggestion/improvement for specifically this map - why didn't you make custom .vtf icon with .vmt and .bns files so your map will be displayed in "Bonus Maps" section? It's more comfortable to switch between custom maps, i can send those files to you so you could update it, if you want of course ;)

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    I REALLY wanna see the office spaces ported into the final loaded segment of Portal's campaign.
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    I just played this for the 2nd time, and for some reason, it turns out there were random GLaDOS quotes everywhere that didn't happen my first time through. that's actually really cool that they are kind of random because it implies 1 of 2 things in the story I'm imagining this has:

    A. This takes place during chell's test, and you aren't playing as chell yourself (story-wise, that is- i know you still play as chell because of technical reasons, but i don't get the feeling that's the actual story here). The quotes seem random because they are not addressed to you, but to an unseen other person (chell).

    B. The quotes are actually random because this takes place after GLaDOS was destroyed. And, being a map that solidly follows the pre-p2-era style, that means GLaDOS is basically completely dead aside from one room full of her cores that activated as a backup, and it means that only GLaDOS herself was actually impacted by the explosion, explaining why he facility isn't all broken and stuff (the room shaking itself to pieces is a retcon, this didn't happen in portal 1's era.). the quotes are triggered randomly as a result of the glitches caused by a system-wide failure. Perhaps Glados' backup is still initializing, or in a failing state, so- much like the detached cores it is powered by, it only knows how to say things randomly.

    I'm leaning on theory B because the map seems to have a few pieces of evidence that this is post-p1.
    like parts of the canon tests that you can see in a couple of spots now empty, the generally dark lighting (which implies the facility is not operating at full power), etc.

    either way, as i said in my comment on the 2nd offices map, i love these maps because it is a pleasant reminder of how great portal used to be before it's misguided sequel came along and retconned everything that made it great into just being a joke. like for real- literally everything is a bland joke in portal 2. I cannot get invested in the story most of the time because nothing is meant to be taken even remotely seriously. not even the facility being overgrown and decaying from years of neglect, because even THAT was turned into a stupid joke that some random potato grew over everything. i never laughed at it. nor did i most of portal 2's jokes.
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    Excellent work with this map. I was wondering if I could try and make an escape sequence version of this map out of curiosity? I don't intend to post it online as it is mostly experimental.
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    This was a really neat take on Aperture Science, I had fun exploring it. I always wished we got to see more of the offices in Portal 1.

    The only issue I found with the map is that it's possible to portal yourself over the fence in the parking garage and get stuck with no way out but to noclip. Though that'd be a great place for a level exit if you were so inclined
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    Just downloaded V2 and really loved it! I'm a huge sucker for the bts areas of Portal 1 and this mod really does it justice! Only real gripe I have with it is that as far as I know there isn't an ending. I got to the parking garage area and had no idea where to go next. Apart from that I love this mod! Especially all the cool little areas like the office with the glass floor and roof, with infinite offices above and belove. I also love that little homage to the 2005 Portal beta escape sequence with the lobby.

    If you ever decide to make a 3.0 of this mod, I'd mainly hope for:
    - Some maintenance area stuff with the machinery an whatnot
    - Better GLaDOS voice lines
    - Replace the Dr Breen vending machine with something more lore-accurate (maybe that CS:S soda machine or something)
    - Maybe some action, with turrets and stuff
    - A proper ending

    Anyway this is an amazing mod and I really wish there were more bts-oriented mods out there. I really wish there was a proper ending tho.

    i believe in glados supremacy
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    Hey I just finished playing portal so you uploaded right on time haha
    I played it and:

    Amazing quality!
    It really looks like a valve level ngl.
    It really felt like a little journey.

    The only thing I wished to be different is when you get the portal gun, it feels like youre getting out, theres some progress, but no, you need to go back inside. It was abit anticlimatic, but there are turrets and all so it still seems like youre progressing. I like how at the end the elevator gets brightly lit and dark and you can notice the glowing stuff. Kinda eerie! Nice

    A very minor thing:
    when i walked to find the room with the rocket launcher, and when I placed the portal inside and walked to the glass, i had to walk for quite a bit and found it faster to walk and jump. Cant just use portals to move faster because I already placed one for the rocket. This feeling to go faster through corridors is something which i didnt feel the need to do in the original game. Maybe if you put a hint on where the rocket turret room is so you can

    PS: I took the radio and it started playing and I got startled so i threw it at the fizzler grid haha

    Actual bugs:

    the GLaDOS cameras dont break if you place a portal behind them

    idk why but placing a portal on door which has a hole in it makes bugged portals

    In the chamber where if you open a door a black cube opens up, the doors are nonsolid lol


    But overall it was great! The ambience, the lighting, sounds and all it was valve tier. gg
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