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FNF with Wii Remote Support - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'

Alternatively, "Boyfriend's Tilt 'n' Tumble"

Song and character mods are great and all, but like... what if you could play the game with a Wiimote though. That would be funny I think.

Wait so this actually works?

Yes, this actually works with a real Wii Remote.  After seeing this thread on the Newgrounds Video Games board, I knew that someone had to make it real, and I figured that no one else would do it, so why not me?

How do you play FNF with a Wii Remote? Wouldn't that be terrible and entirely ineffective?

Actually, it's surprisingly competent! To play up and down notes, you tilt the Wii Remote up and down, and to play left and right, you roll it left or right. It's so competent that I even got a high score on MILF on hard, which is hilarious.

Okay cool didn't ask, what do I need to play this?

Well, glad you asked, because this part is important.


Sorry, I know it's a pain to have to install it, especially since there's some nasty hoops you have to jump through, but otherwise Windows won't recognize the accelerometer of the Wiimote. Speaking of Windows, this mod is Windows only at this time. I think there may be a Wiimote driver out there for Linux, but I don't have a great way of testing it at this time. As for Mac, lol

Are we done here?

Yep. If you have any questions, contact me, and if you have any bugs to report that aren't covered by the readme, please report them on GitHub. I know that you guys will catch a thousand more bugs that I never even thought about, so please report them so I can catch them!

Will you ever update this?

Two things I might add in the future are an option to play with a sideways Wii Remote, and an option to change the Wiimote sensitivity. Also apparently HID Wiimote also supports the Balance Board? Beyond that I don't have any plans other than to keep it updated with the latest FNF versions, but I'm open to suggestions!

p.s. I wanted to include a "light install" with only the necessary files to copy over to a normal install, but this mod uses the latest github commit and not the actual files, and the loading systems are not compatible. If Week 7 ever comes out on desktop, I'll add a light install.