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Big Brother mod *UPDATE WEEK 2* - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Big Brother Mod

This Mod is adding BF's Big brother, (aka BB). BB mod was once a vanilla run mod to showcase that some mods can look great and be compelling without using other sources. Week 1 was originally built like this as We were once a team of 4. Now a much bigger team with 15 members to help work on this mod and with more experience, we have upgraded the game to run on Kade 1.5.4. However, We are aware of the other popular engine but couldn't have the time to switch over. BB's second week that is now shown in this update is still a story-driven mod. For those who struggle with handling blood or gore and gunshots please advise this mod may be unsuitable to those who are triggered by these events. This Story is broken apart in two ways, in-game lore and Hidden files to fill out the holes that the game doesn't quite explain. Part of this mod is looking through the files!!! This mod is indeed Story centric so for those who are not a fan of heavy lore stories this mod may not be a great fit. 

VR Chat: Kittypop / 0oKittypopo0
Discord: -Here,Kitty,Kitty,Kitty 

Discord Server: TBA

There is also more to the story about BB than what is shown on the surface keep your eyes peeled for oddities within the story of BB. You may stumble upon some interesting things.

Sensitive topics appear within this mod, as well as vulgar language, blood, and topics of murder. 

Please enjoy!

(also before anyone asks, We the team completely forgot "keith" is not BF's name, however in this mod, it is showcased to be this name, we were too far into development to change this and we apologize ahead of time for anyone who is irritated by this fact.)

Special thanks to Retro and Kamex for showing support for the mod and for retro to showcase it for it's first ever youtube viewing means a lot to me and my team and we thank you to the bottom of our hearts

Week 2 is now OUT

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