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CSGO's Buy Menu For CS1.6 - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


Update 1.3.1 4y
  • - Minor bugs and compatibility issues fixed.
Update 1.3 5y Update 1.2 5y Update 1.1 5y


CS:GO's Buy Menu For CS1.6 100% functional! 

Now with Music Kits! (by Hellmonja)

(Fully coded by me)

The money counter in the top left corner works in CS CZ only...

if you want to make a video about the menu PM me first!


Special Thanks to BlaXe and CS PRO for helping me!

don't forget to rate and subscribe to me on Game Banana!  


  1.  Fully working with numbers!
  2.  Automatically buys ammo for you.
  3.  Fully working weapon stats and relevant to cs 1.6 weapons prices.
  4.  Everything is transparent and see through.
  5.  The weapon price will be Green if you can afford it and Red if you can't.
  6.  The $%S1 is representing the current money for the player, however it doesn't work in CS1.6 only in CS CZ. if you want to get rid of it do this: open BuyMenu.res in the resource/UI folder with Notepad, scroll down and look for "money" then below set the Visible value to "0" instead of "1" and then save the file.
  7. The auto buy and rebuy buttons work in the menu but not with the F3, F4 buttons, they work out side of the menu (for some reason).
  8. The CSGO weapons are in the menu but wont do anything if you buy them e.g. the Zeus, the Molotov, the Negev
  9. The shield and the night vision goggles are included in the "GEAR" menu
  10. The Dual Berettas are in the CTs pistol menu but you cant get it because the game doesnt allow it, if maybe someone made a plugin that allows it, the Dual Berettas will be purchasable
  11. Remember to install the Font from the main folder!


  1.  The game language MUST be English for the menu to be 100% working.
  2.  The resolution MUST be higher than 800x600.
  3.  Recommended renderer is OpenGL for the best quality.


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  • my game just crashes lmao

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    Tell me how to uninstall your CSGO Buy Menu from my CS 1.6
    I really need it.

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    3y 3y
    what happens if i try to play with that menu on 640x480 quality?

    I'll be back soon... ;) avatar
    I'll be back soon... ;)
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  • Otra pregunta que tengo es que si ejecuta con el modo de selección de clase de una de sus publicaciones * el que contiene símbolos *
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  • ¿Qué tal? Me gustaría intentar instalarlo en un 1.6 cs con el modo de software de video, pero no sé si tiene un error o solo pierde calidad. Me gustaría que aclarara esa pregunta.
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  • hello friend i downloaded this mod and replaced and placed everything like u said but when i booted up cs condition zero 
    the only thing i saw when hitting the b button was the buy menus corners and nothing else ...

    pls help :(
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    Good Job but pleas add R8 revolver
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    can you add 4:3 res version... im kinda feelin low havin this on my 4:3 res screen :/ thnx much if you'd do it, i'd appreciate it...
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    - fix "O" (close menu) button. doesn't work
    - update menu for hellmonja's m4a4/m4a1 and other weapon plugins
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    • I got a empty folder, Upload a .RAR with the CS:GO buy menu files... PLEASE
    Cd Hack lover
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