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RESURGENCE-3 - A Mod for Sven Co-op

Resurgence-3, the serie Resurgence continue..

Hey Guys, Resurgence-3 ready to play, 3 maps now available on 17 maps serie in construction...

Because summer's holidays, Resurgence-4 will be made in September ( Remenber ...)

Install with your hands, if you have already the Resurgence 1 and 2, you don't have to install the sounds, models and gfx files, just the map...

 Resurgence give you an hard solo campaign to do...

You can also playing with many friend and, as well, try the Angel Script about RCbots but the waypoints are to be made...

The map and the next maps  are only available on GameBanana and do not be distributed on others sites and do not be modify .

The music is free of rights, but just for your personal use, you do not sell or redistribute.

Unzip directly in steam/Steamapps/common/svencoop/svencoop

Enjoy this map !

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    Your maps are fun, have a lot of action, have a nice but simple architecture mostly but people don't seem to be playing them in servers... I think its because of the cons... Your maps are good but they have very big problems. Please I beg you, if you still have the editable files of all your maps, learn to do it correctly and fix them for re-release.

    The problems are:

    - HUGE files! You are embedding the textures from the .wad into your maps, making each map as big as the wad or more, resulting in your map series being 500mb+!! Nobody is going to be able to download that from a server ingame, it will take ages! Make just one .wad file with all the new custom textures and use that for all your maps instead

    - Lots of custom content! that replaces people's own content! BIG problem!  Do not place the custom content of your maps in the models/ folder or the sound/ or the sprites/ folder, instead create your own folder inside each one of those, for example models/resurgence, sounds/resurgence, because if not you will be replacing people's default content from the entire game!!

    - Your maps have a lot of extra custom content that can be avoided. I don't mean that you can't have that, but for example you use the same grunt .mdl with different names like 3 times, and its the same one! It should be enough to have it only one time, and reuse that. Also, try to put them all in the same folder if you will be using them for all the maps series, because I have seen the same grunts in resurgence and last unic. This will make your file size even smaller.

    - Unnecessary outdated texture/sequence files from models. I recommend using the Half Life Asset Manager by SoloKiller. With that you can load the models that have those extra xxxT.mdl and xxx01.mdl xxx02.mdl files and get rid of that. Just open the xxx.mdl with HLAM and save them, then remove the extra files. This will reduce file size a bit too and keep it clean.

    - Lots of items! A humongous amount of items litter the ground in your maps, you don't need to do that, you can add some ammo and weapons but most of it can go inside the .cfg files. ...Also, I see you add like a bunch of them in the same place, you can put just one weaponbox or ammo item with a very short custom respawn time, use that instead.

    - model and sound replacement text files! You could make it way easier to add the custom content in your maps if you just specify in the cfg the path to the .gmr and .gsr (global model replace and global sound replace) and create a custom text file that. Although if you want to add more custom guns of the same type in one map (like 3 different mp5s) then you will only have to add one in the .gmr and the rest in the map just like you do now. This will make for example all the mp5s that dont have file paths be replaced with the one in the .gmr

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