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Clear Camera - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Mod page rewritten 1mo
  • Adjustment  
* Page text has been rewritten to better explain what the mod does.
* Not needed to reinstall the mod as I only changed the thumbnail.
* The initial version is still available to download inside a zipped file.
* Original "fun" introduction has been placed in the end of the page.
Clarification 7mo Adjustment

Clear Camera UI


This mod for the Sheikah Slate Camera allows you to see crisp and bright images with no UI elements in the middle while taking pictures, perfect for getting nice screenshots or video captures.  All the UI features have been arranged in the upper and lower parts of the screen in order to keep intact the camera functionality.


          You can support my works by buying me a coffee :)


  • Image as clear and bright as the default game view.
  • No blueish vertical “screen” lines.
  • No circles, squares, boxes and non-useful stuff.
  • Button assignment helper placed in the upper screen.
  • Zoom, frame counters, tutorial things… in the lower part.


There are two files, please pick just one and install it using BCML 3 or newer:

  • ClearCamera.bnp
         The mod with the in screen real-time detector.
  • ClearCamera_NoDetection.bnp
          The mod without the in screen real-time detector.


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  • Get the newest Girly Animation Pack here (several options).


This mod was initially published flooded with references and jokes on a
game I'm very fan of, called Project Zero. Here that full introduction! :)

The Camera Obscura was a perturbing creation made by Dr. Kunihiko Asou, capable of taking pictures of ghosts and demons, usually invisible to the naked eyes. Although you are not Miku Hinasaki in Project Zero and you are not definitely fighting ghosts, in one dark Shrine lost in the middle of the woods you have found an unknown upgrade rune for your camera. After a hundred of years, side-loading an app will not void your Sheikah Slate warranty, so you installed it and now you have the Clear Camera! The rune seems an early work of the Dr. Asou himself, probably before the dark world absorbed all his interests.


Now the camera app shows you crisp and bright images with no elements in the middle, arranging all the UI features in the upper and lower parts of the screen in order to keep clear all the available picture area (upper and lower black bands can't be avoided ), keeping intact all the default camera functionality.

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    asdfasdfffff Joined 3mo ago
    to be clear, all this does is remove the tint and clutter from the camera right? all that other stuff in the description is just you having fun making some rambling reference to some other game or anime and not part of the mod?
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    Been looking for a camera mod like this! All the ones I have found are either partial and broken or just removes everything entirely which isnt good for smoother gameplay.
    One issues though is that the black bar on bottom can show nearby sources of light.
    A texture down there like you have up top would tie this up beautifully.
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    Thank you, this is a great mod idea!
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    Oh my god, it finally happened.
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