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de_productive_v1_1 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source


_v1_1 14d
  • Addition Added clips to podcrates to prevent the stuck-insta-death bug. (See image below)
  • Addition Added light to B Stairs entrance from Outside.
  • Adjustment Adjusted the playerclip on the container in the Back Office.
  • Adjustment Adjusted the playerclip of railings so that players don't get stuck while walking.
This is just an update to include the things that I forgot to include in the initial version, and to fix the things I noticed hours after the initial release.

These crates had a chance of killing players that get stuck in the middle of it, hence I added a clip to prevent that from happening.

Note: In this version of map, there are no reflections at all. I want to gather feedbacks whether is it better to have reflections or not. I considered adding reflections to make the map prettier, but the glass window reflections seem to be disruptive.

An office-themed map, but with few custom textures...

de_productive is a simple bomb defusal map set in an ordinary office, in an ordinary city.

This map is not that large in size, when compared to standard bomb defusal maps, e.g. dust2, inferno, mirage, etc.

There are 20 spawns for each team, so that's 40 players total. 

Looking at the screenshot may not give you the entire idea of how the map parts connect to each other, so I'd recommend you to watch a compact preview of the map linked at the top.

The video has been split to lots of sections, along with the callouts(?) of the place that is currently being shown. At the end of the video, I showed that the skyboxes of both exterior area are connected, so players can throw nades. For instance, I threw a smoke that blocks A site from the B site (I don't know if this is useful in actual gameplay, though).

Just as a form of disclaimer, I do not own any of the SKINS shown in this video.
  • KNIFE:

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