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My Funkin' Monsters - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 1.2 7mo
  • Optimization Refined the end screen and the background characters.
  • Addition Readded the custom dialogue box. The text color has been changed as well
This is proooooooobably the last update. Thanks for the support!
Version 1.1 7mo Improvement Optimization Adjustment

Every monster has their own voice...

One day, our iconic duo Boyfriend and Girlfriend are whisked away by a random portal. They are sent to an unfamiliar land; one filled with strange musical  monsters! Upon their arrival, the monsters are welcoming, but confused. They realize that their portal summoning magic may have malfunctioned and brought someone from the human world into the monster world. 3 monster volunteer to make things right: Furcorn, Mammott and Pom Pom; they believe the power of music can summon the portal back to the human world! But BF will have to keep up; he is quite unfamiliar with the monster's rhythm. Can he keep up and find his way home?

This is a mod made in homage to the 2012 musical mobile game, My Singing Monsters. This game means a lot to me, so that's why I made it?
3 remixes of your favorite MSM music, including Plant Island, Cold Island, and Air Island! To keep it as authentic as possible, it only uses music samples from the game's sound files!
Despite what it may seem, its not a battle, its a collaborative effort! You'll sing along with Furcorn, Mammott and Pom Pom! You'll also sing on the Plant, Cold, and Air islands respectively, each with your favorite monsters watching in the back!
All other weeks are wiped, and only includes the MSM week. I'm seeing a lot of mods do this, and it actually kinda makes sense, so i'm doing it too.
GF will not have access to her usual speakers! Hello Deedge gf!
New intro screen text, new menu backgrounds, the usual changes you'd usually make in this kind of mod.
There's also custom note sprites and score counters!

This mod runs Kade Engine 1.4.2.

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